Light strips for indirect lighting in every area of ​​the home

Light strips for indirect lighting -white-deco-green-birch

Light strips for indirect lighting are becoming increasingly popular in modern apartment designs. They make rooms appear inviting and furniture appear to be floating. Finally, the home is bathed in a soft glow and a pleasant atmosphere is created. The designers at Brain Factory have replaced the individual light bulbs with LED light strips, which set artistic accents in a modern 130 square meter apartment in Rome.

Light strips for indirect lighting create good light – an apartment in Rome

Light strips for indirect lighting -dining room-black-white-wood

Light strips for indirect lighting are used to set accents and emphasize areas that the designer absolutely wanted to emphasize, for example a partition wall, wall shelves, unusual ceiling cladding and etc. LED strips can be integrated into almost any surface. As a result, they are not only functional, but can also have a particularly decorative effect. The light strips are an ideal match for the linear and extremely modern design of this spacious apartment in Rome.

Light strips for indirect lighting in the modern apartment

Light strips for indirect lighting -dining-room-dining-table-wood-decorative-birch

When designing the apartment, the designers combined high-quality materials such as concrete, white high gloss, marble, glass and natural wood in a harmonious and modern way. Playful accents in the form of artificial birch trees and wall coverings made of artificial turf are eye-catching. These create a fresh atmosphere and are an easy-care alternative to real indoor plants. The green and the details transferred from the industrial style, such as lamps and furniture, contrast with the linear design that dominates the apartment and give the entire design a playful touch.

Light strips for indirect lighting

Light strips for indirect lighting -dining room-concrete floor-wooden ceiling-wooden table

The flooring is the same throughout the apartment and its irregular gray concrete look harmonizes perfectly with the white marble-like wall design. The “stiff” atmosphere created by the straight furnishings in white and gray is softened by natural wood surfaces such as wall and ceiling paneling or in the dining room – a tree trunk table. The same materials and surfaces, but interpreted differently, can be found in every room, even in the bathroom.

light strips-indirect-lighting-white-marble-optic-concrete-floor

The spacious apartment is planned to be open as a whole, but is also divided into functional areas by partitions or glass walls. Since the materials and colors used are the same for every room design, a seamless transition between them is possible. White, concrete, wood and light strips for indirect lighting can be seen in every living area and are characteristic style elements of this apartment design.

light strips-indirect-lighting-wooden-ceiling-living room-white

light strips-indirect-lighting-living room-white-wooden ceiling-gray-couch

light strips-indirect-lighting-kitchen-white-marble-concrete-floor

light strips-indirect-lighting-modern-kitchen-white-wood-ceiling

light strips-indirect-lighting-bedroom-glass-wall-bathtub-wood

light strips-indirect-lighting-bathroom-glass-wall-double-sinks