Let there be light in the garden – 5 great ideas for garden lighting

Garden lighting light-garden-fairy lights-lantern-candles

The warmer it gets, the more time we spend on the balcony, terrace and in the garden. So that we are comfortable on mild spring evenings and warm summer nights, we now need pleasant garden lighting for outside as well. We have put together a few ideas on how you can make your garden even more atmospheric with beautiful lights.

1. Garden lighting with dimmer

Garden lighting light garden led power connector dimmer

If your own garden or terrace already has a lighting system, for example wall lamps on the house wall or lamps on the terrace construction, then it is often sufficient to adapt the light sources. Warm white or colored light gives the garden a completely different look than conventional cold white light bulbs. If possible, you should also retrofit a dimmer function. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being blinded by too bright light on a cozy evening. The biggest disadvantage of bright light sources, however, is their attraction for mosquitoes. Appropriate countermeasures must be taken here if you do not want to scratch yourself for the whole of the following day.

2. Solar garden lighting – solar bottles with colored glass


We have already shown in an earlier post how easy and beautiful it is to decorate glass bottles and vases to let spring into the house. So-called solar bottles are a wonderful and also energy-saving variant of this. These Bottles made of colored milk glass glow in the dark and supply themselves with solar cells. Depending on the model, these bottles even react independently to the dark. If you distribute some of these great bottles in your garden, decorate and at the same time provide pleasant light that is also sustainably supplied from solar energy.

3. Garden lighting without electricity – torches and braziers


If you are more into the rustic style, you can hardly avoid blazing flames. Not only on the grill, but also next to it, it can be very archaic for some. Stable fire bowls and torches stuck in the ground or in certain brackets give the garden a great ambience and also provide a certain amount of warmth if it should cool down significantly. Of course, you should always pay special attention to safety with torches and open fires. Highly flammable materials are to be kept away and it is best to always have an extinguishing device close at hand. If you like, you might even light a hearty campfire. But the same applies here: Safety comes first and everyone Fire protection regulations Must be observed.

4. Fairy lights

garden lighting-fairy lights-effects-terrace-planter

Fairy lights belong on the Christmas tree? Maybe. But the colorful garlands are also ideal for enhancing the garden or veranda at home. It doesn’t have to be moose or snowmen. Discreet colored lights or covers made of paper dampen the radiance of the lights and spread a festive and happy mood in the garden. Cleverly laid and well attached as well as protected from rain, the fairy lights can also be left hanging for months. So you have a suitable light source at the push of a button and little effort is required for assembly and dismantling. The chains should only be removed in autumn, before they become unusable due to moisture.

5. Lanterns and candles


Lanterns and candles are a timelessly classic and, above all, very romantic way of bathing your garden in pleasant light. Decorative lanterns, which emit a weak and therefore particularly cozy light, are available with electric light sources, candles, but also with oil filling. More tradition is not possible! Open candles bring by far the weakest light, but they look extremely stylish and romantic and also have two other advantages. On the one hand there are candles with beautiful scent additives that give the spring air an aromatic touch. There are also special candles that secrete an active ingredient against insects. They not only look nice, but also prevent the itchy bumps the next day.