LED recessed lights in a modern interior made of a lot of wood

recessed led lights kitchen island-ceiling-white-wall paint

Every house and interior can be presented even better with the right lighting at night. In addition, there is a more pleasant living atmosphere. LED lighting also saves energy and different nuances can be selected to create the perfect ambience. Modern LED built-in lights were also used in the interior of the house that we would like to introduce to you in this article. It is located in Poland and was completed in 2013.

LED recessed lights in the open living area

recessed led lights open-kitchen-design-white-mural

The design for the modern single-family house “Cedar House” comes from Mariusz Wrzeszcz. The interior with recessed LED lights is not only impressive thanks to its modern furniture and open living areas. In addition to simple, minimalist walls in white, many surfaces made of light wood also adorn the house and give the minimalist interior a touch of cosiness without getting in the way of the modern ambience.

LED recessed lights in the living room

LED built-in lights laminate-bright-open-living area

On the one hand, the LED built-in lights can be found in the kitchen. There they offer the perfect lighting in the evening hours when the large window fronts no longer allow daylight to penetrate. These can also be found in the living room. Otherwise, modern pendant lights are used for lighting. This also includes modern models in black, which are located directly above the dining table. An attractive lamp design can also be found above the seating area in the living room.

Light interior

recessed led lights fireplace-floating effect-black-dining area

Additional LED built-in lights adorn the bedroom and the associated, open bathroom. Glass walls create a spacious look and visually expand the individual rooms, which is particularly suitable for smaller apartments and houses. Proper lighting can bring a lot out of living areas. Take a closer look at the house in our gallery and get ideas for the modern interior design, as well as great lighting ideas with LED recessed lights for the outside area of ​​a modern house.

Open bathroom with glass wall

LED-recessed-lights-bedroom-bathroom-open-glass-wall-wet cell-wood

Wooden terrace


Attractive facade made of wooden boards


Bauhaus style with a rustic flair


Attractive roofing for the terrace

led-recessed-lights-wood-terrace-window front-roofing

LED recessed lights and garden design with birch trees


Recessed lights in the outdoor area


Lighting for the canopy

LED-recessed-lights-energy-saving-design-wooden cladding-terrace

Pleasant atmosphere in the garden

led-recessed-lights-veranda-minimalist-garden-hedge-privacy screens

Attractive home lighting

led-recessed-lights-house-design-birch-plants-garden design

Young birch forest in the garden


Garden path lamps


Modern garden fence


House floor plan

led-recessed-luminaires-floor plan-living area-garage-architecture

House design in side view


A design by Mariusz Wrzeszcz Office

LED-recessed-lights-site-plan-land-housing-estate-of course-surroundings

Designed by Mariusz Wrzeszcz Office.