Led pendant lights “Medusae” invite you to underwater adventures

Light pendant lights Led bulb Roxy-Russell

Enjoy the wonders of the underwater world! Decorative Led pendant lights in jellyfish shape recreate the sea and ocean world with its mysterious atmosphere, bluish light and not so well explored creatures. And no, these are not art museum exhibits. “Medusae” is an innovative design by Roxy Russell. The names of the lights come from the Greek words for the corresponding species of jellyfish. The curved jellyfish tentacles look super realistic. Simply spectacular!

LED pendant lights float like jellyfish in water

Designer Led lamp Jellyfish Medusae collection roxy-russell series

The innovative Led pendant lights from the “Medusae” collection are inspired by nature and imitate the shapes of different species of jellyfish. They were made of powder-coated aluminum, in high-gloss white, and provided with a polyester Mylar finish and LED light bulbs. Rather, they act as sculptures than as illuminants. The pendant lights use standard A19 LED light bulbs.

The world ocean and its creatures have always been an endless source of inspiration for many artists. Designer Roxy Russell is very concerned about the world’s ocean ecosystem, which is also a part of our life. Therefore he tries in his own way to bring the problems of the planet to the surface and to explain them. He wants to inspire more and more people to help nature more intensively.

Medusa pendant lamp

Illumination Light source pendant lamp jellyfish-medusa-roxy russel

The lamp collection was named after Gorgon Medusa. Medusa is probably the easiest species of jellyfish to recognize. Its glowing tentacles give the impression that it is floating in the water or above the ground. It looks alive and fluid. Her bizarre beauty has a special hypnotic effect. An excellent example of the synergy between art and pragmatism.

Ophelia Led pendant lamp

Led pendant lights effects ophelia-jellyfish Medusae-Design series

“Ophelia” comes from the word “Obelia”. The lamp is reminiscent of a dancing woman with long hair and is just as mysterious and ethereal.

Hydra lamp

hydra jellyfish tentacles-ocean creature inspired-aquatic world

Hydra is a species of jellyfish that is mostly associated with the multi-headed serpent from Greek mythology that guarded the entrance to the Greek underworld.

Polyp -Led light

pendant lights led light underwater world creatures jellyfish polyp

Polyp is perhaps the most exuberant, intriguing and intriguing LED pendant lamp in the collection that almost reflects the Victorian aesthetic. The pendant lamp diffuses a soft bluish light.

The medusa lights fascinate with amazing light effects. They are stylish home accessories that look elegant and somehow ethereal. At the same time, the extraordinary illuminants act like a group of fairy tale creatures. If a pendant luminaire is staged as a single piece, it captivates all eyes.

Fascinating LED lighting

Pendant lights medusae Led-modern effects-neon light design

Immerse yourself in the underwater world!

Jellyfish-shaped lamp Pendant lamp floating in the water

The lights act as an overall composition

Pendulum led lights exclusive design, versatile use

Nature as a source of inspiration

Jellyfish tentacle lighting-line pendant lights design Roxy-Russell

Designer lights - reflect the underwater world - reflect light design

Roxy-Russel lighting modern Led-A19 lightbulb lights shape-design-modern

Showcase Clothing Store Lighting Showcase Pendant Lamps Jellyfish

Living room light source light body made of plastic jellyfish shape

Children's room led pendant lights-jellyfish inspired shape-3d visualization

Luminaire jellyfish tentacle shape bedroom LED lighting

Photos by Roberto Cortez