LED light strips for installing Panzeri – 10 designs at a glance

LED light strips - recessed - cold white - ceiling light - modern - minimalist - brooklyn

Panzeri present a product line characterized by timeless minimalist design LED light strips. These can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally in any suspended ceiling, some models even in brick walls. Namely, they differ in the profile or in the light intensity. As a perfect complement to the minimalist interior, the built-in lights emit diffuse, cold white light and have a very neutral effect.

LED light strips with a simple design from Panzeri, Italy

LED light strips -mountable-cold-white-shop-store-design-brooklyn-out

The Brooklyn Out model is not lowered into the wall or ceiling, but mounted in a hanging position. It perfectly replaces the typical pendant lights that hang over the table and accentuate an area of ​​the room. The straight structure and variable size allow use in large, public spaces.

Built-in LED light strips combine wonderfully with the minimalist style

LED light strips -mountable-cold-white-shelves-light-strips-tribeca

Another version is extremely light and is designed for mounting on shelves and storage areas. This means that utensils, accessories or articles are properly staged without the luminaire appearing dominant over the objects.

LED light strips hanging over the table – model Nolita Out

LED light strips -cold white-hanging-table-lamp-design-nolita-out

The other models, such as Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nolita, differ fundamentally in profile. Depending on the material in which the light strip is incorporated, one or the other variant makes more sense. The Brooklyn Out, Nolita Out and Broadway versions are designed for installation directly on the surface and do not have to be embedded in the surface.

Built-in LED light strips achieve a uniform appearance

LED light strips -installable-cold white-modern-kitchen-white-tribeca

Narrow LED light strips built into walls and ceilings


More than just lights – LED light strips model Chelsea from Panzeri

led-light strips-can be built-in-cold-white-stairs-glass railings-chelsea

Light strips can be designed freely


Angular, straight room design and furnishings


Light strips installed irregularly in the ceiling


LED light strips model Brooklyn can be 


Insert built-in light strips into surfaces


Outline different shapes with light strips

led-light strips-can be built-in-cold-white-ceiling-lights-wall-lights-manhattan

Place very simple and minimalist light strips horizontally and vertically 


Varied installation of the Nolita Eco light strips possible


Different built-in LED light strips – installation at a glance


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