LED lamp in the form of a jellyfish diffuses soft light – the medusa

Jellyfish lamp design idea lighting home

We present you an innovative idea for led lamp, which has successfully established itself in the designer world in recent years. Inspired by nature, designers keep turning to the water world for inspiration.

LED lamp inspired by the water world

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The so-called jellyfish lights have a special place. Indeed, these are floor lamps, pendant lights and LED water lights for the pool that imitate the shape of a jellyfish. Innovative materials such as transparent plastics and LED lightbulbs, which diffuse soft light into the room, come to the rescue. The concept of Led lamp – Medusa / jellyfish in English / has been rephrased several times – and nowadays there are many variants available on the market.

LED lamp – the medusa

Children's rooms design original lighting pendant lamp

Soft, white Led lamp or paper lanterns, for example, imitate the natural movements of the jellyfish in the water. In the end you will feel like deep in the sea, where there is calm. The medusa lamp is not only interesting, it also fulfills an environmentally friendly function – and clearly shows that animals have a special place in our lives – as inspiration. Decorative lighting is fascinating because of the lighting effects it creates. It can be used as an accent in any facility. Practical, beautiful and high quality – the designer lights are real eye-catchers. Attached you will find several photos and design interpretations of the Medusa theme – enjoy the photos of the lights!

Lighting for the bedroom

Bedroom design jellyfish pendant lamp closet bed

Futuristic lighting – designer lamp

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Original floor lamp in the shape of a jellyfish

Jellyfish lights living room decoration library design

Plastic LED lamp

Jellyfish lamp LED modern technology ideas

Paper pendant lights

Jellyfish design ideas models hanging lamp

Paper lamps for the living room

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Modern home lighting

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Original floor lamps

Jellyfish floor lamps lamp creative ideas

Red light in the living area

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Floor lamp design – Medusa

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Original pool lighting

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