Led ceiling lights with a modern design – lamp ideas from Vibia

Led ceiling lights rectangular-box-shape-white-wall-stairs-LINK-vibia

When it comes to modern Led deck lights Vibia can offer a variety of eye-catching lamp designs. The ceiling lights fit every modern apartment and give an inspiring atmosphere and excellent lighting effects.

The roof window is the source of inspiration for the Vibia Led ceiling lights

Led ceiling lights round-black-corridor-white-door-wall-floor tiles-high-gloss-gray-carpet-UP-vibia

The light makes it possible for us to understand architectural forms and spaces correctly. The more natural light in the room, the better, but artificial light is often needed in everyday life. The collection of Led ceiling lights by Vibia is inspired by the idea for a roof window.

The Vibia Led ceiling lamp collections

Led ceiling lights rectangular-black-frame-stone-wall-purple-white-chairs-brown-table-cabinet-mirror-cabinet-beige-floor-UP-vibia

Thanks to innovative technologies, careful technical planning and clever design, the Vibia Led ceiling lights are a practical source of light in every room and space. Either individually or as a lamp composition, the UP, LINK XXL, BIG and PLUS collections represent a powerful means with which you can design the light.

The UP collection – clear shapes make every room modern

Led ceiling lights round-black-living room-white-shelf-wall-door-beige-beanbag-floor-UP-vibia

The traditional neo-classical ceiling rosettes and ceiling cornices became the inspiration for UP. It has LED lighting that is broken up by the angular shapes. The result is a frame effect with light coming from above. The construction is about 7 cm deep. This one from Ramos & Bassol’s collection designed for Vibia allows seamless installation on any ceiling. The UP collection comes in two versions – round and rectangular and is dimmable.

Outstanding play of light – The LINK ceiling lamps

Led ceiling lights rectangular-box-shape-white-black-wall cladding-LINK-vibia

The cube-shaped modules of the LINK collection are very creatively designed and come in several sizes. Ramón Esteve used LED technology in the design process to create a natural light effect. The light is refracted in the construction of the box. Up to 25 modules can be electrically connected together. The whole system is also dimmable.

Bright rooms with the innovative BIG ceiling lamp

led-ceiling-lights-round-metal-arched-living room-white-wall-couch-chairs-table-black-chimneys-carpet-nature-view-BIG-vibia

The BIG collection is huge when it comes to size and innovation. The idea for the classic small and practical ceiling light has been further developed and renewed. The BIG ceiling light makes an XXL impression as an accent in the room. The designers Lievore Altherr Molina imagined the ceiling light as a skylight with a larger tub light so that the light shines through almost the entire round construction. BIG comes in the following sizes: 35, 60, 100 and 120 cm, and in two versions: for built-in or for installation on the ceiling surface. Vibia has also produced a pendant lamp for this collection.

Striking design that fits everywhere – the PLUS collection


The PLUS collection ingeniously reproduces the light effect of skylights. Designed by X. Claramunt & M. de Mas for Vibia gives PLUS a soft light through the convex tub lamp made of methacrylate. The PLUS lamps come in different sizes. The 35 cm version for recessed and semi-recessed is suitable for bathrooms or can also be used as an outdoor lamp. The 80 cm and 120 cm can only be installed on the ceiling. After the matt white lacquered construction is installed, it can be painted in other colors.

The kitchen area needs good lighting


The square shape of the UP ceiling lamp is visually reminiscent of the shape of a window


Here the ceiling lamp is the only bright element in the room


Natural light comes through the glass wall, the additional artificial light comes from the PLUS lamp


The PLUS ceiling lamp can also be painted in other colors after installation


The PLUS ceiling lamps make the black and white room look more futuristic


BIG ceiling lamp in a room with a cupboard in orange


Contrast between the concrete wall and the wood in the interior

led-ceiling-lights-round-metal-vaulted-wood-meeting room-wall cladding-floor-gray-wall-white-chairs-BIG-vibia

The BIG lamps have a simple shape and are easy to install


The ceiling lamps illuminate a spacious room with black furnishings

led-ceiling-lights-round-metal-arched-living room-black-wall-sofa-BIG-vibia

Artificial and natural light in harmony


The FUNNEL lamp is a beautiful ornament in this room in natural colors

led-ceiling-lights-round-gold-wood-wall cladding-ceiling-brown-curtains-funnel-vibia

The FUNNEL lamp has an unusual, striking shape

led-ceiling-lights-round-white-wood-wall cladding-glass-wall-funnel-vibia

Three FUNNEL ceiling lamps in a beautiful composition


The 45 degree ceiling lamps are an accent in this wood-covered study


A room with simple shapes and sloping lamps

led-ceiling-lights-round-cylinder-white-bevelled-wood-wall cladding-floor-black-worktop-glass-partition-45-vibia

Curved shapes of the Quaraice ceiling lamp from which soft light comes out

led-ceiling-lights-rectangular-vaulted-white-wood-wall cladding-quadraice-vibia

Nice combination between two ceiling lights and furniture in warm colors


The Quadraice ceiling lamp hangs in front of the bookshelf


Here three PUCK lamps serve as ceiling lamps in a composition


The DOMO lamps are an interesting addition to the modern design


Three slightly beveled ceiling lamps illuminate the space in front of the closet


DOMO ceiling lamps can be beautifully combined with darker shades


With the help of the glass door and the round DOMO lamps, enough light comes into the coveted wardrobe.


The ceiling lamp is installed right in front of the bookshelf for more comfort when reading


Two ceiling lamps from the MEGA series that are installed on the suspended ceiling


Ceiling lamps from the SCOTSCH collection in a room in white

led-ceiling-lights-round-cylinder-glass-metal-white - books-shelf-cabinet-window-scotch-vibia

You can find out more on the manufacturer’s website Vibia