Lamps made of plywood moldings with interesting shapes

pattern lattice lamps made of plywood strips benjamin spoth

These effective ones Lamps made from plywood strips, which we would like to introduce to you in this article comes from the “Upcycle” collection. The five lamps that go with it are the work of designer Benjamin Spoth, who is based in Eindhoven. Each lamp is made from strips of remnants of birch plywood. Using them as a material, lampshades were created with interesting patterns and shapes that fit into any furnishing style. The light wood makes them perfect for the Scandinavian interior, for example, but can also be a nice accent in modern furnishings and wonderfully spice up a rustic style.

Lamps made of plywood strips – lampshade with a grid pattern

shadow light effect plywood strips lampshade idea

The strips themselves are only a few millimeters thick. This makes it easier to implement the designs for such lamps from plywood strips, as they can be easily bent. In addition, some parts of the lamps have been soaked in water vapor so that they can be shaped more easily on the one hand and remain in the desired shape on the other. The strips were attached in different ways for each lamp. There are designs for the lamps made of plywood strips in which the strips run straight down, while others have a twisted shape or form a grid pattern.

Lamps made from plywood strips – Narrow lampshade with a grid pattern

birch wood lamp lighting interior decoration strips

The cracks that form between the individual strips create interesting lighting effects on the walls, which give the lamps made of plywood strips an additional charm and ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the illuminated room. You can check out more lampshade designs below.

Lamp design made of plywood – the strips are attached to rings

slim design lamps made of plywood strips of birch wood

Design for the lamps made of plywood from straight strips

funnel shape lampshade plywood strips

Spirally attached strips for the plywood lamp

atmosphere strips lamps benjamin spoth design lightbulb

An ordinary light bulb is suitable for the lamps

spiral shape lampshade strips design plywood lighting lightbulb

The thin strips of the lamps can be easily bent

birch plywood design lamps wood modern

Some plywood strips were bent with steam

straight strips design lighting idea plywood birch

The plywood strips are made of birch wood

plywood lamps have a straight design lampshade

Socket of the lamps

socket lamp plywood design idea spoth decoration

The strips have a pretty pattern

lamps made of plywood strips pattern lattice benjamin spoth

Lamps made of plywood strips for lighting in the interior

design lampshade diamond pattern socket plywood strips

The design of the lamps made of plywood strips comes from Benjamin Spoth

plywood strips design lampshade lighting cord

Design by Benjamin Spoth.