Lamp as a room divider: “Curtain” design by Arik Levy for VIBIA

lamp room divider white fabric panels led cables

Nowadays everyone likes multifunctional objects and furnishing solutions. They are very practical not only in small living spaces, but in general. In keeping with this theme, we would like to introduce you to an original lamp design by Arik Levy. The special thing about her is that the Lamp as a room divider can serve. In this way, it is not only functional when it is switched on, but at all times.

Lamp as a room divider – ideas for attachment

lamp room divider wood furnishing wall cladding lighting

The lamp as a room divider is called “Curtain” and was specially developed for the Spanish company VIBIA. The name already reveals the external look of the lamp. It resembles a curtain or a blind and can therefore also be hung in any length. You can use the lamp as a room divider to illuminate the dining table or desk, highlight a wall or use it for a public building such as the hotel reception desk or the office.

Lamp as a room divider with lighting from above and below

lamp room divider decoration idea furnishing ceiling lamp

An LED light bulb, which is attached to the socket, serves as lighting. It illuminates the interior of the fabric panels from top to bottom, thus ensuring that the light is insulated and pleasant. If desired, you can also choose a variant of the impressive lamp as a room divider, in which the light shines from bottom to top. If, however, a little stronger light is required in the room, the lamp is also available in the version in which the light shines from above as well as from below. This is also the best choice if you want to use the lamp as a room divider. You can also create a particularly effective decoration by combining different lengths and widths.

Room divider lamp in different colors

lamp room divider multifunctional design lighting interior decoration

Socket of the lamp made of black plastic

lamp room divider black socket fabric gray arik levy

Lamp as a room divider made of modern fabric in the form of a blind

lamp room divider vibia design socket black led

Lamp combination of long and shorter versions

lamp as a room divider arik levy curtain long short design

Decoration idea for the lamp in different lengths and widths

lamp as a room divider coffee table white design idea

Lamp as a room divider – this variant is reminiscent of a waterfall

lamp as a room divider lighting decoration interior

Design by Arik Levy for VIBIA.