Integrate the AIM LED pendant luminaire into the interior: long cables are in!

LED pendant light -aim-living room-black-sofa-flooring-glass-elements

Why hide the lamp cable when it can be a real eye-catcher? With the LED pendant luminaire AIM by Flos, the cable forest becomes a fascinating design element that attracts attention. The well-known manufacturer Flos has long been known for high-quality lights, unusual design drafts and products with first-class workmanship. The design by the Bouroullec brothers, Roman and Erwan, was launched in 2013 and has delighted many design lovers since then. AIM certainly has the potential to become an iconic lighting classic. Timelessly beautiful and incredibly versatile – even after many years or even decades it will not lose any of its appeal. In the following, you will find out what actually convinces the designer lamp and how it can be integrated into the interior.

The LED pendant luminaire AIM impresses with its versatility

LED pendant lamp aim-dining table-black-ceiling-wooden slats

Plain, simple and functional – the LED pendant luminaire AIM by Flos follows the minimalism trend in the living area, which is primarily about reduction to the essentials. The clear design language meets well thought-out functionality. But it’s not just the puristic design that inspires interior enthusiasts. With the unique AIM series, the designer brothers are breaking two fundamental principles of lighting design: firstly, lights do not necessarily have to be hung centrally in the room and secondly, cables can also have an aesthetic function.


The basic idea of ​​the project is to develop a luminaire that can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements in order to meet the various lighting needs. With its extra-long cable and movable headlight-like light heads, the pendant light can be used flexibly and anywhere. The free alignment and height of the light allows an incredible number of compositions. The maximum suspension height is 3 meters.

led-pendant-lamp-aim-living room-wall-shelf-white-wood-fan-light gray-turquoise

The design of the pendant light captures the character of a living plant that can be naturally adapted to its surroundings. The 9 meter long cable and the decentralized ceiling suspension make it possible to position AIM very differently in the room. The lamp heads can be attached at any height with a variable inclination. The pendant luminaire composition thus enables individual lighting and can create different lighting moods in the room.


The Flos lamp with cable in XXL format is perfect for living rooms with high ceilings. The cable swings, which swing freely, are more reminiscent of an art installation. In this way, the pendant lamp becomes an art object that leaves a lasting impression. The design lamp also cuts a fine figure in offices, cafés and restaurants.

led-pendant-lamp-aim-dining-room-long-dining-table-wooden plate

In the right suspension variant, the long cables of the AIM light work wonders. Whether as a single pendant luminaire or as a version with three light heads – you can play with it perfectly. In the following we show you some excellent examples of how the designer lamp can be harmoniously integrated into the interior.

led-pendant-light-aim-dining-table-eye-catcher-brighter-wooden-floor-black-steel-window frames

Designers usually choose the AIM pendant luminaire when:

  • you have a high ceiling. The lights are usually hung lower and attract attention. The large room no longer appears empty and boring.
  • you need a little pep. The long cables give the lamp a creative touch and provide the necessary pep in a minimalist living room design.
  • energy-efficient and flexible lighting solutions are in demand. The extra-long cable and the decentralized suspension make it possible to hang AIM in a large radius from the ceiling. For the arrangement of several lights with simultaneous use of a single power source, the manufacturer also offers the multiple canopy as an accessory. The lamp is also suitable for illuminating individual objects.


The AIM LED pendant luminaire looks very beautiful in a multipack above a long dining table. The lights are hung along the table. In this dining room, for example, the black pendant lamp harmonizes perfectly with the black dining table. The yellow ocher armchairs serve as a nice splash of color.

led-pendant-light-aim-kitchen-black-white-pitched roof

The AIM luminaire is also perfect for a room with a sloping roof, because the suspension height of the luminaire can be individually adjusted. This means that the luminaire also fits under particularly low sloping ceilings.


Experts recommend combining multiple light sources in one room. A light that is as bright and warm as possible is suitable as basic lighting. This is designed by others according to the purpose or size of the room. In this way, the light can be distributed evenly and particularly softly throughout the room.


Even if the pendant lamp looks a bit industrial, it goes well with every furnishing style. This example shows a harmonious mix of styles and materials. The marble worktop, the stucco moldings and the kitchen cabinet give the room a great cosiness with a 1930s flair, while the dining furniture has a modern design. The AIM lamp above the kitchen island fits seamlessly into this environment.

LED pendant luminaire AIM in white


The movable luminaire heads are made of polished aluminum and painted either classic black or reserved white with liquid paint. The diffuser is made of optical polycarbonate and the inner reflector made of photo-engraved ABS really makes the LEDs shine. They can be dimmed with a “Triac for LED” dimmer recognized by Flos. The warm white light color creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.


The white version has a completely different effect. The white color makes the lamp look very noble and emphasizes the feeling of airiness that the cable swings evoke. In this bedroom, the light wooden floor ensures more cosiness.


led-pendant-light-aim-kitchen-white-gray-wall-paint-steel-splash protection

Since the light heads can be arranged completely freely in the room, it is possible that several areas are illuminated at the same time. In this kitchen, for example, two of the swiveling lampshades cast direct, clear light over the worktop, while the third hangs over the small, round dining table.

LED pendant luminaire AIM as a single eye-catcher


AIM also cuts a fine figure as a single eye-catcher in the reading corner or above the bedside table. The diffuser can be aligned according to individual preference and donate direct light exactly where it is needed. But you can also set specific lighting accents and thus emphasize architectural elements or a painting, for example.

led-pendant-light-aim-reading-corner-individual-eyecatcher-wood-wall panels

Even a single luminous element is enough to illuminate a dark corner, because it has a lumen value of 1020 lm or 1250 lm. Lumens indicate how bright a lamp is. At around 2,700 Kelvin, AIM shines warm white and has a relaxing effect. Warm white light radiates cosiness and is therefore perfectly suitable for the living room or a cozy corner. You can read more about the difference between cold and warm light here.


AIM can be seen in many cafes and restaurants these days

led-pendant-light-aim-cafe-restaurant-wood-wall paneling-round windows

Café and restaurant rooms offer plenty of scope for creative solutions. This is also mostly for spacious rooms that require even more careful planning. A crucial prerequisite for success: The atmosphere there should not only be cozy, but also friendly and bright.

So if you are about to visit a newly opened café, where spotlight-like lampshades and long cable swings will immediately draw your gaze, then you already know – that is the ultra-modern AIM LED pendant luminaire from FLOS!



led-pendant-light-aim-cafe-built-in bench seat-cushion-led-strip