Imposing floor lamp with fabric lampshade “Ballerina” by Rakumba

Metal frame floor lamp petit ballerina light led rakumba

The image of the ballerina is a symbol of the combination of finesse and flexibility, of calm and strength. Inspired by the graceful art of classical dance, Simone LeAmon designed a model for Private Banking on a private commission Floor lamp with fabric lampshade, is based on the iconic 19th century lampshade concept for a twisting dress and named it “Ballerina”.

Floor lamp with fabric lampshade is reminiscent of a ballerina with a fluttering dress

ballerina lampshade fabric led lamp rakumba black dress

Floor lamp with fabric lampshade “Ballerina” represents a dance with lively pirouettes. Simple visual elements create a modern appearance that the designer achieved. The original lamp concept has been modernized with threads and threads. The winding lampshade is easily recognizable by its elegant silhouette. The feet of the lamp are slender and elongated with graceful limbs and artfully positioned.

Floor lamp with fabric lampshade will make you dance

Dress black satin floor lamp lampshade rakumba

The “Ballerina” floor lamp, designed for Rakumba by Simone LeAmon, is available in two versions – “Prima Ballerina” and “Petit Ballerina”. Both differ in the height and the design of the ballerina dresses. The Prima Ballerina is only available with a longer black robe, while the Petit Ballerina can be ordered with a black dress, a red lampshade and a white stand.

Floor lamp practically sets the room in motion

Dress-ballerina lampshade-fabric floor lamp-led light bulb

Simone LeAmon is one of the leading artists on the design scene in Australia. Her works in the field of product design, interior design and jewelry are made in limited editions and are often exhibited as works of art. The amazing Floor lamp with fabric lampshade is provided with a LED light source and made of steel, satin and copper.

 Tradition and innovation merge into one another

black satin ballerina dress lampshade rakumba winding

Design lamp with a sculptural look

ballerina dress manufacturing-black satin floor lamp-simone leamon

Spectacular Petit Ballerina lamp

little black satin dress clothing ballerina lamp

The twisting satin dress

leAmon Simone Australia Ballerina Dress Lamp Model

Photos are from Coroflot

Making a ballerina from Sean Kelly on Vimeo.