Illuminated cycle paths – the new cycle path is illuminated with solar panels

Illuminated bike lanes to ride route plan soalr color treated

A new cycle route was recently presented in the Netherlands. Illuminated cycle paths is everywhere, but this idea by the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has presented a completely new concept – instead of lending on traditional garden lights, Roosegaarde has developed a special asphalt coating – the so-called solar paint. This layer is charged by sunlight during the day and then glows in the evening. This makes every route safer and more beautiful!

Illuminated bike paths – inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

Illuminated bicycle paths in the evening cycle along romantic paths

Daan Roosegaarde’s idea for illuminated bicycle paths was inspired by the painting “Starry Night” by the painter Vincent Van Gogh. The bike route was built in the province of Noord Brabant / where the talented artist was born and raised /. With the official opening of the route on November 13, the celebrations for the 125th year of Van Gogh’s death began. Tourists and locals can drive the route free of charge for one year. And it’s definitely worth it, because the path glows in soft pastel colors – blue and green – and creates an effective optical illusion. Additional LED lighting is also provided – but the lamps are only switched on if there was not enough sunlight during the day to charge the solar panels.

Illuminated bike paths – the special solar color can replace conventional lighting?

Illuminated bicycle lanes route Netherlands LED lighting romantic

What might appear to be an interesting art project at first glance, may, however, become an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lighting in the future. Cycle routes, garden paths and even public parks can be laid with the special coating. For example, last year a tram route in the Netherlands was treated with solar paint. The talented designer would like to realize further projects this year as well.

The talented designer Daan Roosegarde realized the project with the help of the Heijmans company

illuminated bicycle lanes Holland Route treated with solar green paint

 The bike route can be illuminated for up to eight hours

Illuminated bicycle lanes Netherlands new art project eco-friendly lighting

 The project was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting

Illuminated bicycle lanes Netherlands cycle beautiful paths

 The next year will be the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death

Illuminated cycle lanes route celebrates Van Gogh's 125th year of death

Proect from studio Roosegaarde