Idea for modern lighting – combine pendant and floor lamps

Floor lamp wood-modern interior

We present you a fresh combination of pendant lamp and floor lamp for your home – the modern lighting is a fresh combination for the interior. Designed in Scandinavian style, it can also serve as a decoration. Let yourself be inspired by this elegant and creative combination idea!

Modern lighting – the Diva pendant light

chic lighting combination pendant lamp

These modern lighting comes from the Netherlands – the innovative designer studio Northern Lighting, which is already known in its home country for its creative combinations and choice of materials, has designed and implemented the concept of a pendant lamp and floor lamp in the Scandinavian style. The pendant lamp is called Diva and was inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of woodworking. You have experimented with different round shapes until the end result is the original end product. The lamp is made of wood, has soft curves and diffuses soft light for a romantic mood. The lamp is made of oak wood. A construction made of steel holds the wood in the necessary shape, and a glass globe protects the wooden form from the heat. The floor lamp is very similar to the design of the pendant lamp – it can be shaped in two directions. The end result is a decorative lamp that has set as an accent in the interior.

Modern lighting – decorative floor lamp

 Floor lamp wood living room interior

 The floor lamp was awarded a prize for innovative design for modern lighting crowned. It looks fresh, young, is suitable for a small apartment as well as for large houses and carries a romantic touch from the north with it. The studio Northern Lighting put a lot of emphasis on the combinations that can be made between the two lamps – so the pendant lamp can be placed in the hallway, in the living room or above the desk. The floor lamp can diffuse light in the garden and create a good atmosphere during pleasant evenings with friends. The combination of lighting fixtures throughout the house can create a visual connection between all of the premises. If you are a fan of the interesting new lighting fixtures, you will surely like this design.

Table lamp with an innovative design

Table lamp desk diva design idea

Award winning design

Hallway design pendant light design

Pendant lamp made of wood

Wooden pendant lamp-Scandinavian design idea

Diva model

Pendant lamp modern design

Diva model

Diva Design Northern Lighting