Hand-woven design lights, inspired by natural shapes

Hand-braided design lights made in Mimbre series Medusa-Chinita Bellota

An exhibit from the Design Junction of the London Design Festival is the Design lights Series that resulted from the cooperation between Claesson Koivisto Rune and “Made in Mimbre”. The designers called these breathtaking light objects with the Spanish “names” Medusa, Chinita and Bellota (these are translated as “jellyfish”, “ladybug” and “acorn”). The visual similarity to these natural objects can still be seen at first glance.

Design lights for the exclusive furnishing look

Oak-shaped basket lamp hanging lamp design-modern wickerwork

Wicker lamps are real eye-catchers for indoors and outdoors and are very much in vogue. the Design lights Medusa, Chinita and Bellota are available in different shapes and sizes and are presented as floor lamps, floor lamps or hanging lamps.

Design lights – great enrichment for your lifestyle

Basket lights design made of mimbre fibers Medusa jellyfish-shaped

the Design lights have been inspired by natural shapes and are finely hand-woven from mimbre fibers and are therefore particularly hard-wearing. Medusa looks like a living sculpture with a simple design. The lampshade is oval in shape and is supported by thin metal legs that imitate jellyfish tentacles and create the illusion of a lamp floating in the air.

Basket lamps from Mimbre

Modern design lamp with braid made in mimbre

The basket lights bring a touch of ethnic chic to your own four walls and provide the room with even, diffuse light. They stand in elegant contrast to modern, puristically furnished rooms.

The wicker sculpture is a timeless decorative element

Basket lamp light sculpture hand-woven art implementation Made in Mimbre

Contemporary design objects made of wicker

Medusa lamp metal frame wickerwork precisely handcrafted

Chinita floor lights fill the room with a pleasant, warm atmosphere

Modern outdoor lamp hand-braided Mimbre braid fibers

Ladybug inspired design

Floor lamp design basket wicker Mimbre ladybug inspired

Braided precisely by hand

Ladybug design floor lamp Chinita Mimbre fibers

Bellota suspension lamp

Design hanging lamp braid Mimbre acorn-shaped

Bellota lamps are composed of 2 parts and resemble the shape of the acorn.

Wicker lamp exudes cozy warmth

Flat accessory floor lamp-hand-braided-emit warm light

Shining beauty with braid

Basket lamps from Mimbre-Boden Lighting-modern Bellota

Floor lamp design by Made in Mimbre

Light sculpture Modern-mimbre cords braided by hand

Amazing nature inspired series of lamps

Luminaires designer metal underframe wicker diffuse light

Craftsmanship wicker floor lamp metal base

Nature forms living beings Acorn-Jellyfish Ladybird Design lights

Lamp series Medusa, Chinita and Bellota by Claesson Koivisto rune

Light Body Design Ideas Nature Inspired-Shapes Basket Weave

Designer lights series Medusa Chinita-Bellota sketch Mimbre