Garden lighting tips – 25 ideas for magical plays of light

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The lighting in the garden is a typical element of modern garden design. In daylight you can see wonderful garden figures outside, bright colors and great shapes stand out clearly. Since we want to enjoy many hours of peace in the garden in the evening after the sun is already behind the horizon, we need the right night lighting there. The cleverly designed Garden lighting will add unique charm to your outdoor space. It will look different as if your garden were wearing a festive evening dress. A play of light outside creates new shapes and a magical atmosphere. This effect cannot always be achieved, of course, but it is always worth trying to achieve it, isn’t it?

Looking for a professional for garden lighting

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Garden lighting, including exterior lighting in buildings, is a system of lighting fixtures. Undoubtedly, the primary objective is to achieve the best effect. But it must also be considered from an economic point of view, the lighting must also be well inscribed in the general garden ensemble. Under no circumstances should it interfere with the growth of flowers and trees, and most importantly – it should be completely safe for those in the garden – for people, pets, garden animals and birds. Garden lighting should be created with taste, its proper placement must be properly designed and selected. As you can see, these are all questions that any amateur gardener will feel overwhelmed and confused about. You should entrust the project of your garden lighting and its implementation to various specialists – here you need the help and competence of a landscape architect, electrical engineer, some engineers and well-trained specialists. Of course, the conclusion that the house and garden owner should stay away from the problem would be completely wrong here. Rather, he has to set certain conditions because he knows his garden best and knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

Where garden lighting is most needed

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As we mentioned earlier, garden lighting is a necessary element in the garden. You need more light in the evening and at night in areas where there is a lot of traffic, for example in playgrounds, avenues, terraces, the entrance areas of the house and the outbuildings must be well lit. In these places, it is not recommended that the light is intrusive or too weak. The most important prerequisite for this is to carefully consider the specifics of garden traffic. Don’t forget, when creating your garden lighting you need to strive to keep flowers and all of the other elements of the garden decorations.

Diffuse light or ray of light

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The lighting fixtures for the garden are divided into two types – open and closed. The open ones are particularly suitable for gardens. These lights are mostly in the shape of a sphere and you can place a number of them at equal distances from each other. This linear arrangement usually follows the boundaries of a certain room and the lighting emphasizes a figure – a square, rectangle, polygon, circle, semicircle, etc. This means that various geometric shapes can be created outdoors.

Use solar lamps for lighting

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The most distinctive feature of open lighting fixtures is their type of light beam. You can have a diffuse beam of light and indirect lighting. Direct lighting is used when we want the object to be seen all the time. This can be a fountain, pond, pool, pergola, separate species of plants and other objects in the garden. The indirect lighting only marks the object – the barn, the swimming pool, the entrance to the pavilion. There is diffuse lighting over benches, tables and pavilions. The entrance to the house should also be constantly lit..

The light comes from below

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Here you can achieve a WOW effect if you opt for built-in lighting. Usually these are installed on the veranda by arranging the built-in lights at the bottom in a straight line or in a semicircle. Sometimes they are also arranged parallel to the stairs to the front door. The dimensions of such a light body are usually not large – about 10 to 20 centimeters, but they will give your outdoor area a whole new look, we can promise you one hundred percent!

The lamp above the entrance

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In any case, the entrance area must be well lit. There are several options for this – great lighting fixtures, lights, lanterns. You can choose something based on your taste and budget. We just want to remind you that you need diffused light there. Also consider the height of your outdoor lights at the house entrance, because you should possibly also change a burnt bulb there, if you want to.

Batteries for solar energy

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If you want to highlight the green lawn in front of your house, you can do that with the right lighting with small metal rods dug into the ground. However, another, more modern way of delivering electricity and saving energy is noteworthy. Yes, we were just talking about solar lighting, which allows your lawn to be perfectly lit all night, in summer from the accumulated solar energy during the day. These silicon solar collectors are able to light up several harmoniously arranged lamps in order to illuminate the entire sunbathing area or at least an attractive part of it.

Illuminate the steps to the garden

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The stairs to the garden and the back of your house should also be well lit in the evening. Here you can combine the lights with different flower pots and in this way achieve an interesting look, not only at night, but also during the day. They are sure to become great eye-catchers in your outdoor area.

Individual shine

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However, if you want to emphasize a specific object in the garden with the lighting, you would prefer to use direct light. For example, direct the light beam on the pergola, the fountain or the pavilion, so they will look really great.

Independent power supply in the garden

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One last tip from us: Your garden lighting must have a separate power supply that does not depend on that of your house. To do this, you still need a separate electrical circuit and separate fuse that is at least 25 amps. The garden lighting should be completely excluded for repairs, regardless of the power supply of the house and garage, and also not dependent on other electricity consumers.

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