Garden lighting 2016 – These are the trends for the current season

Garden lighting 2016 led-garden-lights-cube-gravel-beds-seating corners

Anyone who owns a garden can consider himself lucky because the whole family will enjoy it. But without garden lighting, every garden is just half as beautiful. Whether the seat, the path or a pond is to be illuminated, it has never been easier than today to put the garden in the right light. But not only garden owners benefit from optimal lighting, it also makes their stay on the terrace and balcony more beautiful. After a long winter, we can hardly wait in spring to redesign the garden, terrace and balcony and create a little paradise for ourselves, even in the middle of the city.

Garden lighting 2016 – put your garden in the right light

Garden lighting 2016 terrace-wood-flooring-recessed-lights-led-yellow-light

Whether we call a classic European garden our own or whether we have planted it with exotic plants, lighting is an essential part of it in 2016 as well. The garden 2016 is with Solar lights and put in the right light with LED lights. Because at a time when saving energy is very important, a solar lamp is simply the best solution. As a garden owner, you are always in the current trend with, for example, because there are solar spotlights, decorative lights or flares for simply every taste and every occasion. The nice thing about a solar lamp is the fact that it makes a very active contribution to saving energy.

A solar light can be used in many ways


Whether as a floor lamp, ball light, hanging lamp or even as an underwater lamp, no one can ignore the solar lamp today. Because it can be used in a variety of ways in the garden and it provides soft, beautiful light. Positioned specifically at different points, these lights not only ensure a beautifully lit garden, but also act as motion detectors for more security for your property. A solar light can also be built into the floor or hang up flexibly as party lighting.

White light or maybe more colorful for garden lighting?


It is a matter of taste whether you choose a solar lamp with simple, white light or whether you prefer colored lights. If you want to immerse your garden party or party in colors, you can use solar fairy lights, for example, which enchant every party without a socket. The absolutely free solar energy ensures that your solar lamp is charged during the day without having to spend a single cent on electricity. The built-in twilight switch, also known as twilight sensor, switches the light on automatically as soon as it gets dark outside. Conversely, it also switches the light off again at dawn without you having to worry about it.

Sign lighting with solar energy


This type of lighting is not only used for decorative purposes, because solar energy can also be used to illuminate signs or house numbers, for example. Anyone who celebrates parties and has to show guests the way will no longer want to do without this type of lighting. The LED lights shine with a long service life, generate high light intensity and they ensure that CO2 emissions are minimized, which not only benefits your wallet but also the environment. So what are you waiting for, because there is no more beautiful, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to provide outdoor lighting than with this modern type of outdoor lighting.

Solar stair lighting


classic solar garden lighting

garden-lighting-2016-solar-lights-garden-walkway-gravel-paving stones

Lighting in the front yard

garden lighting 2016-solar-lamp-stainless steel-frosted glass-front garden-gravel bed

modern garden lighting

garden-lighting-2016-led-wall-lights-stainless steel-pool-lighting-wood-terrace flooring

Illuminate the sidewalk