Futuristic oak pendant lamp by Naos


Modern lighting comes in irregular and fascinating shapes that we cannot resist, and we buy them to make our lives easier and more beautiful. What is certain is that you cannot resist the temptation to do this futuristic oak pendant lamp to own. the futuristic oak pendant lamp is made by the French company Naos. Although the company specializes in lights and lamps, this futuristic oak design does not belong to one of the designers on this team.

Futuristic oak pendant lamp

Suspension lamp-oak wood panels

Yes, this amazingly original design comes with an interesting backstory. The idea behind the futuristic oak pendant lamp was initially realized in a paper version. The designer of the paper pendant lamp is called Paper Donut and he designed it for a music festival in France. After this masterpiece became really popular as an artistic symbol, the French designer decided to create a lighting system.

Futuristic oak pendant lamp with a French design


Naos do not offer the pendant lamp made of paper, but made of oak. The company chooses this noble and authentic raw material to influence the idea of ​​a nice and warm family reunion in front of the old wooden dining table in grandma’s house. But you are not required to hang this masterpiece in your dining room or kitchen. This beautiful futuristic oak pendant lamp can even find its place in a luxurious minimalist living room.

Pendant lamp made from wooden panels

Pendant lamp-wood panels

the futuristic oak pendant lamp actually has a very interesting and fascinating construction. This French pendant lamp consists of 30 wooden panels. The most interesting thing about these 30 panels is that they can be put together easily without professional help or any special glue.


modern pendant lamp made of oak wood panels