Exclusive lighting design by Artemide – Cosmic lighting series

Leuchten Design Artemide wall lamp cosmic angel

The Italian brand Artemide has the Designer Ross Lovegrove commissioned to design a new series of lights for them. being exclusive lighting design looks seriously “out of this world”.

This cosmic family of lights seems like a fusion of natural shapes with most of the current technologies. They are definitely more than just light sources. Their flowing sculptural forms immediately catch the viewer’s attention.

Luminaire design “out of this world”

Artemide lighting family, cosmic angel chandelier

the “Cosmic Angel” has a waveform that can be illuminated from below or above. The wall lamp has an LED surface in different light colors.

“Cosmic Leaf” design

Luminaire design Artemide cosmic leaf metal

The fascinating “Cosmic Leaf” Design appears like a tree leaf made of shiny fish scales. Can be fixed like a pendant lamp or mounted on a base as a movable free-standing lamp. That Cosmic ocean design is a composition of smaller versions of the Cosmic Leaf, hanging from a reflective tile.

What the designer says about his cosmic lighting design

Light design Artemide chandelier small pendant lights

Ross Lovegrove describes Cosmic Angel as “.. a large, two-meter-long, digital surface that captures the light, distributes it and works in a new and visually appealing way”. He said the design was derived from his research on fluid shapes, digital algorithms, and contemporary 3D digital processing methods. The wave-shaped design, which captures light from various sources, is a new way of distributing light within a living area or over architectural surfaces.

“Cosmic Leaf” floor lamp

Luminaire design Artemide floor lamp cosmic leaf

Lovegrove explains the creative concept for this cosmic lights design was

“… to grab a moment in the air and create a very natural flow and rhythm in the light, sculptural skin.”

“Cosmic Leaf” pendant light

Artemide pendant lights cosmic leaf

the “Cosmic Leaf” collection encompasses a whole range of shapes with natural layers in scale. It is primarily a vertically arranged light source. As the name suggests, these lamps look something like “a digital tree leaf from another world”. The flowing leaf shapes are covered with reptile-like scales capturing light and shadow on the surface of the lamp. This surface is remarkably complex and changed dramatically with the use of dichroic filters.

Lovegrove says about being cosmic light design, that this combination of organic shapes and technology achieved.

by Jaz

 Cosmic Angel

ross lovegrove artemide cosmic angel chandelier cosmic

 Cosmic Oceanross lovegrove artemide lights design cosmic ocean

ross lovegrove cosmic ocean ceiling lamp

Wall lamp “Cosmic Angel”  osmic angel wall lamp different colors       Light family Artemide cosmic angel wall light led