Exciting design hanging lamp made of wood resembles a pine cone

suspension lamp design crimean pinecone lampshade soft light

“Crimean Pinecone Lamp” is the name of the design from Designer Pavel Eekra from Russia. the Design hanging lamp made of wood was inspired by nature and resembles a large pine cone. The lamp emits a warm, glowing light that would visually warm up any room. The cone shape evokes beautiful associations with the forest and conifers. And when these are combined with a warm light, the result is particularly attractive.

Wooden hanging lamp provides soft light in the bedroom

hanging lamp wood bedroom pavel eekre modern design

 The cone light consists of 56 plates and screws and has no frame. The light floods through the gaps between the rounded panels, which are themselves slightly transparent. This creates nice lighting effects when viewed from the outside. The lamp comes in a flat package and you have to assemble it yourself. The natural wood veneer (made of maple wood) also helps to emphasize the relationship between nature and technology. the Suspension lamp made of wood creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere and is particularly suitable for the bedroom.

Suspension lamp made of wood with a cone shape

hanging lamp made of wood design pavel eekra pine cone wood veneer

The designer of the lamp, Pavel Eekra is also the founder of Eekra Designs Studio. He is enthusiastic about the design and manufacture of lights and lamps. He still deals with interior design and art objects. You can still view his lighting collection on his website.

Made from maple veneer

hanging lamp wood veneer plates screws pavel eekra

crimean pendant light maple wood veneer panels

the lampshade consists of 56 plates and screws

pendant light wood without frame pavel eekra

warm and natural look  hanging lamp wood soft light cone shape design

without frame

Pendant light in maple wood veneer, cone-shaped panels

View from inside the lamp

hanging lamp wood veneer panels without frame

can be easily adjusted

suspension lamp designer pavel eekra wood veneer, cone shape

Crimean pinecone hanging lamp cone shape pavel eekra

Crimean pinecone hanging lamp design wood veneer cone shape