Discreet LED floor lamp made of aluminum – Hummingbird by Emiliana Martinelli

Aluminum floor lamp-Martinelli-Luce Design

Simple at first glance, and absolutely perfect at the second – this is how the exclusive looks Led floor lamp Colibri. The model was designed by Emiliana Martinelli and made of anodized aluminum. The simple floor lamp in black is an absolute highlight in the modern apartment. In turn, it is well suited for public spaces, which are characterized by an individual character.

Indirect lighting – aluminum Led floor lamp

LED floor lamp design Colibri Martinelli

the Led floor lamp Colibri consists of a tubular element (125 cm high, 2.5 cm diameter) that can rotate on a central joint, and an aluminum frame. The height of the lamp can be adjusted by means of a telescopic movement – as required or desired. This is relatively light – it weighs 7.5 kg. A straight version is also available. The designer opted for versions in black and gray – both colors are modest and stylish at the same time.

Designer LED floor lamp impresses with its undemanding elegance

Led light designer ideas

The designers Led floor lamp made of aluminum offers numerous design options. The Colibri model is also available as a wall lamp, hanging lamp and outdoor lamp for diffuse light emission. The wall lights each have 2 orientable light heads. Located vertically, horizontally or at an angle on the wall, they create interesting plays of light and ensure a warm, homely atmosphere.

LED floor lamp – modern design

Led lamp floor lamp design innovative

The collections of the talented designer include a variety of variable designs. When manufacturing the Led floor lamp Colibri, the use of materials was intentionally minimized. The Colibri 1410 lamp has already received the “If Product Design Award 2013”. Emiliana Martinelli was born in Lucca, Italy and graduated from Istituto Statale d’Arte Ceramic Art and from ISIA Florence Design.

Lamp design by Martinelli Luce

Floor lamp design aluminum Led

The Martinelli lamp collection includes a variety of different designer lamps, pendant lamps and high-quality lamps for outdoor use. The Italian company with a high international reputation has specialized in the production of functional and modern designer lamps.

Aluminum floor lamp design modern

Floor lamp Led Design-Colibri Martinelli

Led floor lamp Modern design from Italy

Outdoor lamp Led Design-Colibri-gray

Table lamp Colibri-Martinelli-Luce Design

Table lamp-Led indirect light design

Wall lamp design led light ideas

Indirect lighting LEd Black lamp design

Colibri Design LED wall lamp

Wall design ideas wall light up Design-Colibri

Suspension lamp design Martinelli Lucce Italy

Designer lamp Led tubular

Colibri floor lamp Led design

Colibri designer lamp table lamp Led

Emiliana Martinelli designer from Italy

Floor lamp made of stainless steel by Philippe Starck equipped with shelves