Designer room lighting by Lee Broom


Lee Broom is the designer of Chamber, a decorative light source made of crystal and marble. the Designer room lighting is part of his Nouveau Rebel collection and an expression of modernity with retro accents. Carrara marble is one of the most famous marbles worldwide which has been used in the works of Michelangelo, Cavana, Donatello, Luigi Bernini and Pisano. Chamber is a feat with a valuable background.

Designer room lighting and its description


the Designer room lighting combines crystal and Carrara marble. The name Chamber is an expression of unexpected translucent events that are used as decor in a room. The crystal part is offered in the form of different prism designs. The light source under the marble part offers a soft and pleasant atmosphere and thanks to the multiple pendant lights, the room is still bright enough and magically beautiful.

Designer room lighting 


The light from Chamber shines downwards and the pendant luminaires are offered individually or in combination. Lee Broom relied on classic materials and geometric lines and designed modern ones Designer room lighting for every ambience. Interested parties with a feeling for the fine and the selected enjoy this designer lighting and have pleasant moments around them. Soft carpeting and curtains in pastel beige tones are perfectly combined with this pendant lamp. Whether you pursue the design of your apartment with a retro touch, minimalist accents or your individual line, Chamber will complete every room aesthetically and artistically.

various shapes-room-lighting-made-of-marble-and-crystal

Rounded prism with retro accents