Designer paper chandeliers – architecture meets art

chandelier design made of paper art installation

These Designer chandelier are an impressive example of the creative combination between architecture and art. This extraordinary art installation was done by the architecture studio Cristina Parreno Architecture created together with architecture studio MIT. The construction was specially designed for the Art Fair ARCO fair in Madrid.

The designer chandeliers by Cristina Parreno – expression of art through light installation

chandelier design from paper exhibition

The art installation presents numerous Designer chandelier made of paper, covering the whole ceiling in a wave shape. The chandeliers were designed in the shape of a tube. It’s hard to draw the line between art installation and architectural project. The tubular cylinders were made from cardboard. The elements were attached to the ceiling with cables. All cables are of different lengths so that the whole construction has a wave shape at the end.

The designer paper chandeliers – a mixture of functionality and art

chandelier design made of paper details round

The whole art installation is actually a huge construction with a lighting function. the Design chandelier made of paper have, above all, an artistic value, but are also very functional. The lights were attached to the cardboard tubes and shine between the elements. This is how the wonderful play of light comes out. This installation is all about simplicity – the geometric shapes have been designed to achieve a full lighting effect.

designer chandelier made of paper cylinder shapes

designer paper chandeliers contemporary art

designer chandelier made of paper wave shape

chandelier design made of paper white color

chandelier design made of paper black and white

Chandelier design made of paper tubular shape

paper chandelier design modern architecture   chandelier design in paper christina parenno  chandelier design made of paper art fair madrid