Designer lights from Slamp – extraordinary lighting from Italy

italian designer lighting from slamp wall lamp

the Designer lights from Slamp are some of the most elegant wall lamps and chandeliers. The Lillibet Mini model, designed by Nigel Coates, is particularly chic and stylish. Slamp’s slogan is “At the speed of light” and it suits the creative studio and theirs quite well Designer lights. The company was founded in 1992. Although relatively young, the studio has created extraordinary designs and participated in many projects. Slamp has a young and creative team whose members always have innovative and imaginative ideas. In this way, the studio has become one of the most renowned companies in this branch. Slamp successfully combines art, design and high quality materials.

Designer lights by Slamp – the spectacular designs by Nigel Coates

italian designer lamps from slamp lillibet mini

The designer Nigel Coates was born in 1949. He studied at Nottingham University. Today he is one of the most famous interior and product designers in the architectural world. Coates’ contribution to Slamp is not just in the models of Designer lights Lillibet Mini and Lillibet, but in other important projects. His works speak for themselves because Nigel Coates believes that architecture and design have their own language. They communicate with nature and create a wonderful environment that is represented in the thoughts and ideas of the designer. According to Coates, the city is a living organism. That would be a possible explanation for his unique designs, which interact with the interior in an extraordinary way.

Designer lights from Slamp – the extraordinary model Lillibeth Mini

italian designer lights from slamp lillibet

the Designer lights from Slamp are very elegant and stylish. One model stands out particularly according to these criteria. The Lillibet Mini design exactly reflects the visions of Coates and exudes astonishing beauty and elegance. The crystal elements in the form of small drops look alive and particularly impressive, as if they will fall at any moment. The Lillibeth Mini model is beautiful and petite. It refracts and twists the light in unexpected ways and in this way creates a unique romantic atmosphere. Also take a look at the remaining lamp designs by Slamp.

The superstar design from Slamp

italian designer lights by slamp superstar

The Helios model

italian designer lighting by slamp helios

The Guinetta design by Slamp

italian designer lighting by slamp ginetta

Designer floor lamp – the Bach model

italian designer lighting by slamp bach

The beautiful Aurora design

italian designer lighting by slamp aurora

The Atlante model in spherical shape

italian designer lighting by slamp atlante