Designer lamps – classic with a modern touch from Masiero

modern designer lamps italy white color chandelier LED

the Designer lamps from Masiero are an exciting combination of classic and modern – the mix of styles gives every interior a kick of freshness and character. We present you the Botero collection.

Designer lamps for real connoisseurs – Botero

Chandelier-LED-lightbulb-embellishments-ideas-living room-furnishing

The Italian company brought it under the name Botero Masiero recently launched their new collection. Four Designer lamps – Chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps round off the product range. The first two models / the chandelier and the wall lamp / are richly decorated and impress with a royal look. Their shape creates a visual connection to the classic style, but the exceptional choice of materials gives the designs a modern look. The lamps were made from wood and steel and painted in white – the minimalist color better accentuates the beautiful design language. Thanks to the eclectic mix of the two styles, the lamps attract attention and can be perfectly integrated into any living style.

The other two lamps / the table lamp and the floor lamp / fascinate with their clear lines and simple shape. The austerity of the rectangular elements is loosened up by the round lampshades. In terms of functionality, the Masiero designs are a step ahead of traditional lighting fixtures – they work with LED light bulbs and offer an energy-efficient and power-saving solution.

Designer lamps created with a sure instinct for a sense of style – the Botero collection

modern lighting chandelier minimalist design led light bulb white color

The wall lamp from the collection in white color

Wall lamp-three-lightbulbs-classic-furnishing-wall design

Table lamp with a minimalist look – the perfect addition to the interior

modern lighting chandelier minimalist design LED lightbulb white color Pendant lamp that looks like a flower


The table lamp is also available in black color


Floor lamp in white creates a modern ambience

Italian lighting white floor lamp LED lampshade pointing upwards in a semicircle