Designer lamp Cloudy by Mathieu Lehanneur for Fabbian

Clouds similar to ceiling lamp Led system

We have already told you about the talented French architect and designer Mathieu Lehanneur and his works. Here we would like to present you another designer piece by him that again hovers on the border between art and design. “Cloudy” is the name of the new one Designer lamp made of hand-blown glass that Lehanneur designed for Fabbian Illuminazione.

Designer lamp made of hand-blown transparent glass

Fabbian LED lamps design-modern organic shapes

the Designer lamp looks like a cloud of glass floating in the air. “Cloudy is a paradox,” says Lehanneur about his creation. The shape, inspired by the clouds, was realized with extremely versatile material steel print. If you take a closer look at the lights, you will find an exclusive design creation that impresses with its elegant design and subtle details and light functions.

Designer lamp “Cloudy” – a symbiosis of originality and function

Mathieu Lehanneur designer lamps Wolken-Cloudy

The combination of clear white glass and the lighting of brightly lit LEDs make the Designer lamp like the first sunshine after the rain shower. The unique light effect can be seen immediately when it is switched on. Cloudy is available as a ceiling lamp or hanging lamp with a metallic structure made of die-cast aluminum.

Light sculpture by Mathieu Lehanneur for Fabbian Illuminazione

Mathieu Lehanneur lights for Fabbian Design

Of the Designer lamp was given a magical lightness. It conveys uncomplicated comfort, a positive atmosphere, hope and optimism. Meanwhile works Lehanneur together with a large number of name label designers from all over Europe. A large number of high-quality and innovative design and art objects are constantly presented. The “Cloudy” collection impresses with its innovative style and high-quality modern design.

Blown glass diffuser

Suspension lamp design Cloudy blown glass Fabbian

High-performance LED light bulbs as light sources

Ceiling lamp design woklen-like Mathieu Lehanneur

The organic forms transform the art object into living beings

Designer lamp die-cast aluminum structure Fabbian

The organic shapes are similar to soap bubbles

Ceiling lamp blown glass Fabbian design

Ceiling lamp dimensions

Ceiling light LED Cloudy Fabbian lighting

Suspension lamp dimensions

Led suspension lamp Cloudy Design-Fabbian Lehanneur

Lamp design classic “Bourgie” by Kartell redesigned in many ways