Decorative light effects in your home thanks to innovative LED strips

LED strips terrace-sofa-mirror-green-light

the LED strips, Also known as LED strips, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications in the home. They create a pleasant indirect room lighting or can also be a nice idea for Garden lighting be. the waterproof LED strips are also ideal for aquariums, pools and fountains. The only thing that they don’t tolerate so well is salt water. These energy-efficient light strips enable custom colored lighting and sometimes come with remote control and color changing functionality. Let’s take a look at the most popular uses of LED strips in the home – in the kitchen, in the bathroom and as base cabinet lighting.

LED strips – use in the house and garden

LED strips terrace-bench-pond

the Cabinet lighting in kitchens is an inexpensive way to get additional lighting for the countertop. In addition, the LED bar creates a cozy ambience for the general look of the kitchen. The LED strips can light up in a color of your choice and complement or contrast with the color scheme of the kitchen. These lights can look like long rods or flexible strips.

LED strips as base cabinet lighting in the kitchen


Installation is very easy as most LED strips have adhesive backs so you can stick them to clean surfaces. They can also be cut into custom lengths and sizes. Another advantage of the light strips is that you can also save electricity. Take a look at the other interesting applications of the light strips and use these beautiful lighting effects in your home.


brown tiles and warm yellow light

LED strips bathroom-brown-tile-mirror-backlight

indirect blue kitchen lighting

LED bars kitchen lighting blue indirect room lighting

Stair lighting

LED strips application stair lighting blue

indirect blue lighting behind the dresser

Moldings led lighting living room behind dresser vase blue

Stair lighting outside  LED lighting strips waterproof stair lighting outside

Wall decoration in the lounge area outside

LED strips indirect lighting green lounge outside

Garden lighting with LED strips

LED bar garden grill stone post wall

Light effects for the coffee table

LED strips coffee table glass top effects

LED strips in the wardrobe

LED hose application in the wardrobe white

under the bed

LED light strips apartment under bed blue lighting

in the home office

LED light strips shelves lighting home office warm white

blue light effects in the white room  Strip lighting effects living room ceiling shelves

blue lighting

LED strips desk glass plate lighting decoration

LED light strips lighting effects at home desk

blue cabinet lighting in the kitchen

LED bar blue kitchen cabinet lighting

waterproof strips in the bathroom

Moldings bathroom vanity purple lighting

with remote

flexible strips color changing remote control effects apartment

LED strips flexible roll purple decoration at home

LED light bar flexibly cut, energy-efficient

LED strips bathroom application under cabinets

LED garden lighting stone stairs fountain

LED light strips in the kitchen application under cabinet lighting warm white