Creative ideas for lighting in the bedroom

Ideas-lighting-in-the-bedroom-variety of forms

the Lighting in the bedroom is the perfect element that completes your interior design and creates the right mood in the room. There are many interesting and modern ideas about where and how to adjust your lighting so that you can turn your ordinary bedroom into a fantasy world.

Lighting in the bedroom with spherical lights


Some of the most interesting light sources are those with a spherical shape – spherical lights. You can have the lights mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall and enjoy the simple, modern beauty of their soft shapes. Choose lights of different sizes for an interesting appearance and arrange them in a bit of a mess. You can even use multiple glowing balls, but with a soft glow.

indirect lighting in the bedroom


If you are looking for ideas for indirect Lighting in the bedroom take a look at our second suggestion. To create a romantic ambience, opt for floor or floor lamps. In the dark they look like something interesting and out of the ordinary, instantly attracts attention and can be used as accent pieces. If you want to create a magical impression, choose bright colors and original shapes.

Crazy creative forms


The third variant for Lighting in the bedroom, what we would recommend is to embed the lights and make them an invisible part of the interior design. This will create an intimate atmosphere by flowing a soft light behind the bed, bookcase, wardrobe.

Pendant lights with a romantic design


Last but not least, if you want something more classic, don’t forget that the night lamps and sconces never go out of style and remain an eternal hit in bedroom lighting. Their designs, shapes and colors are constantly evolving to achieve a modern, minimalist look that doesn’t look boring at all. Indeed, the new designs will bring the style and charm you want to your bedroom.

suspended ceiling and indirect lighting


100 living ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

large lamp on the ceiling


intimate ambience


different light sources


behind the shelf


black wall