Classic luminaires equipped for the future – timeless design luminaires with LEDs

design lights classic-modern-apartment-artemide-tolomeo-mega-terra

As with clothing, there are pieces of furniture that never go out of style and are still very trendy even after years. They appear in films and designer apartments, are exhibited in museums and make the hearts of many design lovers as well as ordinary people beat faster. And just as new easy-care upholstery fabric variants are available for cult armchairs, iconic design lights with modern LED technology are also prepared for the future. The LEDs are considered to be the next generation of light sources and are not only bright, but also particularly energy-saving. Therefore, we want to present you a small selection of timeless classic lights with energy-efficient LEDs that represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. We will tell you the fascinating stories of these iconic objects and give you a few tips for their use in a modern apartment.

Louis Poulsen Panthella Design lights – new mini version on the market

Design lights with LEDs pantella-mini-poulsen-panton

The mini table lamp is the latest addition to the Panthella family and was presented in June of this year by the Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen. The mini version of the classic luminaire has a diameter of only 25 centimeters instead of the originally planned 40 centimeters and has an LED light source that allows three different light intensities. The smaller version of the Pantella lamp is perfect for window sills, shelves, console tables, wall niches or other places with limited space.

Design lights with LEDs panthella-mini-verner-panton-louis-poulsen-lilac

The original was designed in 1971 by the famous Danish designer Verner Panton in collaboration with Louis Poulsen and was considered revolutionary for its time. While other designers were working with natural materials such as wood in the 1960s, Panton experimented with new materials such as plastic, plexiglass and fiberglass. Among his most famous creations are the Panton Chair and the Artichoke pendant lamp.

Before his death in 1998, Verner Panton worked on his last project “Lyset og Farven” (light and color) at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding, Denmark. The exhibition consisted of eight rooms in different colors, where the furniture, lights and fabrics that the designer had designed over a period of 50 years were presented. As a tribute to Panton, Louis Poulsen chose exactly these eight colors that he had used at the time: yellow, orange, mauve, red, pink, blue and two shades of green.

Design lights with LEDs – Artemide Tolomeo

Design lights with LEDs classic-artemide-tolomeo-micro-table lamp

When talking about classic design lights, the Tolomeo lights should definitely not be missing. The series was designed by Giancalro Fassina and Michelle De Lucchi in 1986 for the Italian lighting manufacturer Artemide and has been one of the most popular lighting series in the world ever since. Whether as a pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall or table lamp, each one elegant lamp Artemide Tolomeo has several hinges so that you can turn the lamp in the desired direction and thus achieve perfect lighting. For several years they have been equipped with LEDs and are absolutely future-proof.

The first model was the Tolomeo desk lamp, which consisted of a heavy base, two straight 45 cm long arms and a matt aluminum reflector. The lamp is still convincing today with its high functionality, diverse application possibilities and even serves as a demonstration object for good design at universities and colleges. It is also featured in museums and exhibitions around the world, including New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). The Tolomeo lamp is named after the ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician – Ptolemy. In the Ptolemaic worldview, the sun, moon and stars rotate around the earth and this thought served as inspiration for the lamp head, which also rotates around its own body, like the celestial bodies.

The design lights as reading lamps next to the bed

Design lights with LEDs classic-artemide-tolomeo-arme-direction

In 1989 the Tolomeo lamp received one of the most coveted and renowned design awards, the Compasso d’Oro, and the German iF Award. Since then, the success story has continued in a large number of Tolomeo variants: Faretto, Pinza, Braccio, Parete, Halo and more. The Tolomeo wall lights are particularly suitable as reading lamps, for example next to the bed, the sofa or wherever directed light is required.

Flos Arco floor lamp in a contemporary LED version

Design lights with LEDs living room-modern-floor lamp-flos-arco

Another modernized design classic is still popular today. Designed in 1962, the Flos Arco floor lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni was reissued a few years ago in a contemporary LED version and impresses with its efficient operation.

Design lights with LEDs floor lamp-classic-metal-marble-flos-arco

The Castiglioni brothers were inspired by a street lamp to create a lamp that emits the direct light of a ceiling lamp without having to drill a hole in the ceiling. The composition consists of a 65 kilo block of Carrara marble and an arched arm. The name “Arco” comes from Italian and means bow. The Arco floor lamp provides optimal light above the dining table or sofa corner and can be embedded in any interior.

Flos Taccia table lamp with LED technology

Design lights with LEDs classic-dresser-living room-flos-taccia

Another example of the genius of designer legends Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni is the Taccia table lamp, whose original design dates back to 1962. The LED version is the modern transfer of this stylish classic into the present, which is geared towards energy efficiency.


Taccia is characterized by a futuristic design language and inspires with a pleasantly minimalist look without superfluous design elements. A conically shaped diffuser made of hand-blown crystal glass is placed on a solid base made of ribbed aluminum and can be turned in the desired direction. The sock resembles an ancient column and, according to the designer, is a symbol of success. Taccia has been added to the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Known by the abbreviation “Met”, it is the largest art museum in the United States, with exhibits from all art historical periods.

The small classic luminaire offers indirect and reflective lighting and can be used on the bedside table or on a chest of drawers in the hallway or living room.