Choosing the right lighting in the bedroom – 20 inspirations


The lamps in the rooms are no longer just useful accessories. Lighting has long been transformed into true art that gives the living space the finishing touch in terms of design and decoration. If you also want to ensure perfect lighting in the bedroom, it is important to determine the right area. If you like to read books before going to bed, it is better if the lamps are near the bedside cabinets or tables. If the television with the audio system is the main entertainment system, the lamp can also be placed in the center of the room or on the walls. Some great ideas for implementing that Lighting in the bedroom we would like to introduce you to attractive bedroom designs in the following gallery. Be inspired not only by the lighting, but also by the impressive furnishings in every bedroom!

Lighting in the bedroom – indirect light and pendant lights


In this original bedroom by Xristo Toskov, two lighting options were chosen. On the one hand there is the indirect light that emerges from the pedestal and the headboard wall and on the other hand the pendant lights by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The pedestal in its warm wood colors supports the lighting in the bedroom and makes it look cozy.

Lighting in the bedroom for the bedside cabinets


Indirect lighting in the bedroom is also combined with pendant lights in this example. The white models are located directly above the bedside cabinets and emit a pleasant light that is ideal for reading, among other things. There are also modern built-in lights for the rest of the room. The idea comes from Ilya Leg4atov.

Luxury bedroom


Different areas are highlighted by the lighting in the bedroom, especially the bed. The luxuriously designed Zen-style room by Amir Cherni was equipped with movable recessed lights so that it can be easily rotated depending on the desired effect.

Pendant lights with towels


A great and rural contrast to the modern bedroom by Leu Khanh are the fabric-covered pendant lights, which in this way also emit an insulated and pleasant light. The brown shades that were chosen to design the interior make the room a cozy area to relax. Use the lighting in the bedroom to create the right atmosphere.

Combine lamps

lighting-bedroom-minimalist-bedside lamp-curtain-dressing table

A mix of lamps in this example for lighting in the bedroom meets every need. The indirect light between the ceiling and the wall creates a cozy atmosphere, while the pretty lamps that illuminate the bed from both sides are ideal for reading. Recessed lights in the hallway are, in turn, suitable for illuminating certain points in the room. The interior idea comes from Quang Đạt.

Indirect lighting in large quantities

lighting in the bedroom mural-idea-shelf-indirect-high-gloss wardrobe

A pretty work of art is wonderfully lit from behind. The lighting in the bedroom is also supplemented by a decorative shelf, which is also indirectly illuminated. This enables the use of darker furniture such as the dark gray, high-gloss wardrobe. Cristiano Rosa’s bedroom looks modern and stylish.

Wall lights in the bedroom

lighting in the bedroom lamps-light-gray-bed linen-mural-art

Wall lights are very popular for the bedroom. They were installed in this interior by Maxim Tsiabus between the bedside cabinets and the ceiling. Indirect lighting was used below the bed in the bedroom, which emphasizes the floating effect and creates a certain aesthetic. The bed can also be found more quickly in the dark.

Headboard lighting

lighting-bedroom-subtle-colors-indirect-mural-black-white-built-in wall

Omar Essam is responsible for this idea. It is very popular to use indirect lighting in the bedroom for the headboard, as was done in this room. The wood is highlighted in the middle, while modern table lamps in white adorn the bedside tables. A single pendant lamp is used to put the decoration in the limelight in the form of flowers.

Shadow and light effects


With the help of fabrics or irregular surfaces, interesting effects can be created in combination with the lighting in the bedroom. A wrinkled fabric was stretched behind the headboard, which is illuminated from above and below. There is also a reading lamp in this dark, furnished bedroom by Maxim Tsiabus. It comes from Vico Magistretti and is called the Atollo table lamp.

Illuminated accent wall


Tiles made of concrete were cleverly used by Buro 82 to transform the bed area into a real eye-catcher. The inclined installation of the tiles and the associated lighting in the bedroom ensure that the look of a woven basket is created. The monochrome bedroom is simple and stylish.

Exceptional lamp shape

Lighting in the bedroom lamp-artistic-furnishing-monochrome

That the lamps can be compared with art is made clear once again, especially in this bedroom by Yovo Bozhinovski. The model has an unusual shape and not only draws attention to itself, but also to the mural behind it, which was designed in the concrete. Two of the lamps were combined for the lighting in the bedroom.

Ornate motifs

lighting in the bedroom wall design motif flower wall design

This wall panel above the bed is also illuminated from behind. The motifs are the same as in the sliding door to the bathroom. This type of lighting in the bedroom is particularly attractive. There are variants in which the motifs can be changed as the mood takes you. A great decorative idea from Amir Cherni for every home!

Texture in the bedroom


A wonderful interplay of light and texture is created in this bright and friendly interior, which was designed by Gaurav Kumar. A dynamic look is created thanks to the wave shapes in the accent wall, which are additionally complemented by the light from the recessed luminaires. Indirect lighting in the bedroom from below is also added.

Wood panels

lighting-bedroom-headboard-wall-wooden boards-vertical-garden

A natural-looking bedroom made of wood and with a vertical garden can be seen here. It is from Elena Zhulikova. Some of the wooden boards behind the bed are sticking out, giving it a certain rustic flair. Different lamps provide pleasant lighting in the bedroom. On the one hand there is the pendant lamp above the desk, on the other hand the floor lamp next to the bed, as well as the attractive, luminous accents in the wall cladding.

Wall cladding with light effects

lighting in the bedroom accent wall-wood-panels-integrated-light

Another idea of ​​how to combine the lighting in the bedroom with wooden wall coverings can be seen in this design by N-Gon Archviz. Panels in different sizes and color nuances were put together like a puzzle. The resulting joints, but also the glass pendant lights above the bedside tables, in turn, serve to illuminate the bedroom.

Neutral bedroom interior

lighting-bedroom-neutral-interior-design-beige-deep-pile-bedside table

Hang up pendant lights in groups and create great, decorative accents that also serve as lighting in the bedroom. Although the arrangement is eye-catching, it doesn’t steal the show from the attractive furniture. The result is a wonderful interplay in the bedroom of he.D Creative Group, which is composed of neutral, beige colors.

Copper for warm accents


In this monochrome facility, the spherical pendant lights made of copper are simply wonderful as lighting in the bedroom. They serve as contrasts and are located directly in front of the modern, patterned wall, which is adorned in the middle with indirect lighting. A mix of geometric and organic shapes is created. The lamps come from Tom Dixon, the idea for the bedroom design from Penint Design Studio.

Dark bedroom idea

lighting-bedroom-modern-dark-wall cladding-clock-deco

If the bedroom has a dark interior, the right lighting is particularly important to counteract this. If you want to maintain a mystical atmosphere, indirect lighting in the bedroom is again a great option. In this example it was attached to the black wall with wallpaper and combined with an Agnes chandelier. The design of the room comes from Room Design.

Industrial accessories

lighting-bedroom-fluorescent lamp-window-large-floor-integrated-lamp-gray

This bedroom by Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid receives sufficient light during the day thanks to the large windows. At night, black industrial-style lamps create the perfect atmosphere. It is a single model, but at the same time it illuminates the bed and the area in front of it well. Indirect lighting is integrated into the wooden pedestal in the bedroom. This ensures harmony in the gray bedroom.