Choose lighting in the living room for a perfect ambience

living room modern furnishing light lamps effect interior

the Lighting in the living room is very important because it determines the mood that the room exudes and this should be chosen appropriately there. After all, you spend most of the day in the living room, where you gather with family and friends. The lighting in the living room can choose in different ways. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Lighting in the living room with pendant lights in red and orange

lighting romantic lamps yellow red atmosphere outlook

On the one hand, you have the option of indirect lighting in the living room. For this purpose, the light sources can be placed behind a wall, furniture such as cupboards or shelves or on the ceiling and thus achieve interesting light and shadow effects. The latter is also possible through the use of interestingly structured luminous bodies. The luminaires can also represent great, sculpture-like accents and not only attract attention through their light but also through their shape in the room. You can now see how wonderful lighting can be in the living room.

Lighting in the living room – indirect light on the ceiling

living room lighting indirect light ceiling living room wall carpet colorful chandelier

Lighting with effects on the ceiling

lighting in the living room lamps ceiling indirect idea

Combine indirect lighting on the ceiling and wall

lighting white ceiling living room design furnishing chair red

Living room lighting in blue for the ceiling

lighting blue yellow ceiling seating area couch mirror

Indirect lighting on a ceiling with a wave shape

lighting interior ceiling waves tiles white cow motif modern

Lighting on the ceiling, wall and through a ceiling lamp

lighting chandelier living room elegant gray sofa ceiling indirect

Indirect lighting in the living room on the wall

lighting in living room blue wall furniture abstract

Indirect lighting above and below the wall with a fireplace

lighting fire wall building stool pillar white parquet

Illuminate the wall niche in the living room

lighting wall lamps yellow sofa carpet parquet

lighting in the living room ceiling wall effect tiles white

lighting shelf idea indirect seating area living room idea

Lighting in the living room with original lighting fixtures

lighting in the living room floor lamps shape original design paper

living room lighting sculpture wall floor lamp brick coffee table

living room seating area lighting spheres stone wall carpet sofa white

living room lowboard lamp balls design modern parquet black

lighting modern design floor lamp romantic atmosphere

living room light effect shadow ball lamp couch carpet

living room ceiling lamp glass light idea modern design

living room light lamps ceiling wall unit yellow white couch

living room floor lamp lowboard ceiling lamp brown furnishing

living room vintage lighting chandelier candles fireplace light blue

lighting in the living room wall unit indirect light showcase television

lighting in the living room floor lamp couch ceiling light tiles