Chandelier design adds a touch of glamor to the interior

Chandelier design grids many individual lightbulbs

Imagine you are lying on the grass and watching the night sky. The soft light from millions of stars has a great attraction. It can calm the senses and relax the soul. That Chandelier design the classy Baxter brand brings a piece of that night sky and atmosphere into your home. The small light bulbs create a glittering effect that naturally looks like the star light.

Chandelier design optically simulates the night sky

Chairs, chandeliers, pure glamor

That Chandelier design bears the simple name Q3. It consists of a geometric frame where many small light bulbs are hung in rows. The effect created by this construction is simply enchanting – the cube-shaped lighting creates a three-dimensional optical illusion. It is hard to imagine sitting in an apartment in the big city. The chandelier not only looks natural, but also super modern. The minimalist construction fits into any room. Whether the hanging lamp is hung over a sofa or a cocktail table is a matter of taste. In the dining room, two pendant lights can be hung above the dining table. The gentle sparkle of the individual lightbulbs will surely fascinate your guests!

Chandelier design brings the WOW effect

Chandelier leather armchair brown color

The second design of the noble Italian brand Baxter is called Bell. The pure glamor chandelier design brings the WOW effect into the interior. Its slightly sinuous shape and the high-gloss elements create a sparkle, similar to Q3. Who could resist the great attraction of these pendant lights?

Baxter is an Italian furniture and lighting company. You design modern and cozy furniture and lights that create emotions. Her motto is – you don’t have to describe the feelings, it is enough if you experience them.

Chandelier with a minimalist design

Night sky long yellow wall paint

Pure glamor ambience – living room with chandelier Q3

Italian lighting leather furniture facility

The Bell design – natural shape and high-gloss surface

Glossy dining room neutral colors

Glamorous pendant luminaire for the seating area in a minimalist style

Sitting area lamp white leather chairs wallpaper

Longer dining tables need several pendant lights

modern design high gloss dining table chairs

The pendant lamp creates a cozy atmosphere for the guests

modern pendant light dining room interior ideas