Ceiling light for the kitchen – great models & design ideas

ceiling light kitchen marble optics white idea lighting

The right light is particularly important in the kitchen. It should not only radiate comfort, but also be sufficiently bright to make working in the kitchen as comfortable as possible. But that is far from being the end of it. Because as in the other rooms, the Ceiling light for kitchen a decorative function that should enhance the room.

Ceiling lamp for kitchen – Spirito di Venezia by Fabbian

ceiling light kitchen spirito di venezia fabbian metal gloss pendant light glass matt

Choose a design that matches the furnishing style of the kitchen. For a modern interior, for example, simple models are particularly suitable. In a vintage or country house kitchen, romantic chandeliers are a great choice that underline the warm ambience again. As you can see, you shouldn’t underestimate the influence of the ceiling light for the kitchen.

Ceiling light for kitchen – Pipe from Olev

ceiling light kitchen pipe white color kitchen island minimalist

Take a look at our pretty models of ceiling lights for the kitchen and decide for yourself which style would look best in your kitchen. In addition to pretty shapes, you also have the choice between a wide variety of colors that you can adapt to the kitchen furniture. But see for yourself!

Box Big ceiling lamp by Olev

ceiling light for kitchen big box olev modern minimalist white wood

Cala of Bover

ceiling light for kitchen cala bover black edge high gloss red furnishing

R52 In from Trizo

ceiling light kitchen r52 in trizo modern white subtle lighting

Ceiling lamp by Millelumen

ceiling light kitchen millelumen yellow metal optics elegant

Muse of Axo Light

ceiling light kitchen muse romantic design white organic shape

More ceiling lights for the kitchen:

ceiling lamp kitchen industrial style black metal lampshade glass ball

Ceiling lamp with metal accents

ceiling light kitchen accent black bracket decorative shell shape

ceiling light kitchen cross design metal black edison lightbulb industrial

ceiling light kitchen glass bell chandelier model white furniture corner kitchen

ceiling light for kitchen white cupboards round design metal ring

ceiling lamp for kitchen white metal accent lighting idea

ceiling lamp for kitchen original design pendant lights lightbulbs

ceiling light for kitchen small model gold accent dining area lantern design

ceiling lamp for kitchen hanging lamp metal rustic glass container

ceiling lamp for kitchen rhinestones lampshade metal frame

ceiling light kitchen round modern gray cabinets elegant

ceiling light kitchen round lamp wood furniture modern

ceiling light kitchen shelf industrial tubes metal lamps black parquet

ceiling light kitchen rectangle shape warm light atmosphere industrial

ceiling light kitchen minimalist warm furnishing vase green decoration

ceiling light kitchen chandelier ceiling pattern panels country kitchen

ceiling light kitchen lampshade beige leaf motifs pretty style side table