Bulb-shaped lamps and colorful cables are trendy!

Lamp in the shape of a lightbulb, colorful-cable-one-power source-dining table

Lighting in living spaces is a complex issue. But one thing is certain: light creates atmosphere and gives the whole room character. Thanks to the design of the lights used, you can also set stylish accents and express your own taste in furnishing. The retro trend is currently conquering all facets of our life and does not stop at lamp design. The lamp in the shape of a light bulb is celebrating a real comeback and is enjoying increasing popularity. The colored cables give the whole thing a modern touch!

Lamp in the shape of a lightbulb colored-cable-art-dining-table-industrial-white

A lamp in the shape of a light bulb combines retro design with advanced technology, because it is equipped with a modern and energy-saving LED light source. The selection of LED light bulbs is really huge. When buying the LED lamps, take into account the lumen specification on the packaging and select the desired brightness. 710 lumens correspond to the light output of a 54 watt light bulb. However, LED lamps consume less electricity than conventional light bulbs. It should also be noted that the color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin corresponds roughly to the warm white of incandescent lamps.

lamp-light-bulb shape-green-accent armchair

The LED lamps in the shape of a light bulb offer numerous design options, because you can choose the light bulb, cable and socket according to your preferences and quickly conjure up a visual highlight in the apartment. The colored cables can either be adapted to the existing facility or provide flashy color contrasts. Textile cables are available in different patterns and in plain colors. The sockets in black, white or metallic tones no longer have to be hidden under lampshades. There are no more limits to your imagination!


Whether hanging straight from the ceiling or artfully knotted, the colorful fabric cables are a real eye-catcher and offer an interesting stage for little gimmicks. You can determine the right cable length for your lighting project in advance and order a textile cable according to your wishes. A longer cable can be shortened or knotted. Unfortunately, shorter cables cannot be extended.


If you want to give an old lamp a new look, you can spice up the boring cord by wrapping it with colored nylon thread. This takes a little more time, but the result is worth it. When it’s time to take a break, you can simply clip the end of the string to the cable and continue later.

To that Crochet cord


A boring cable can also be spiced up super easily with a colorful sheathing! This DIY project is perfect for beginners at crocheting. All you need is a crochet thread of your choice and a matching crochet hook. That is how it goes:

Make a tight loop and put it on the crochet hook. Then guide the working thread and needle under the cable. Then fetch the working thread again and pull it through the loop. Then guide the needle back under the cable and loop the thread around the cable. Continue until the whole length of the cable is crocheted. Either move the stitches together or leave them loose. At the end, knot the yarn.

Decorate the lamp cord with washi tape


As you may have already convinced yourself, washi tapes are super versatile and offer numerous possible uses! Even if you’re not really talented at real crafting, you can try this simple idea. It’s great when you give everyday objects an individual touch and then make them unique. Boring lamp cables can be embellished with Washitape in no time at all. The tape can be stuck on the cable at an angle or straight. It looks particularly beautiful when narrow and wide stripes of different colors alternate. These should of course match each other in color.

Suspension of the lamp in the shape of a lightbulb

lamp-light-bulb-shape-do-it-yourself-textile-cable-bedroom-living room

In order to bring out the cable art beautifully, the lamps have to be placed correctly. A textile cable also cuts a fine figure as a wall lamp next to the bed. You need a suitable wall bracket for this. A simple shelf bracket made of wood or metal works just as well for this purpose.


And those who prefer the rustic style should get a large branch. A floor lamp or hanging lamp can be built in just a few steps by winding the cable around the branch several times. The result is an unusual and attractive lamp that gives every room an absolutely individual touch and is a real eye-catcher even when it is not lit..


If you want to illuminate a longer dining table, you can hang up several lights in a straight line. The lamps don’t always have to hang neatly at the same height. A suspension at different heights creates an interesting look and provides a little more variety.


If the lamp design should look more industrial, then you can replace the branch with a U-shaped cloakroom rod. If you want to connect several lights to a power line on the ceiling, you need a distributor, also known as a multiple canopy. The lamp canopy is used to cover the mounting hardware and connections.


Such a ceiling lamp, on which many different light bulbs dangle from long textile cables, is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. Since textile cables can be ordered by the meter, you can also choose between different cable lengths. With a 25 or 50 meter long textile cable, you can hang the sockets at any desired height. It’s also a great idea for large rooms and empty hallways where other ceiling lights look completely lost.


The Edison lightbulbs are among the most popular vintage lights with an antique look. The filament makes the special riding of the traditional Edison light bulb. The retro design is being reinterpreted today and equipped with the latest LED technology. The specific shape of the lightbulb and the metal socket are retained.


The interplay of a colorful cable, a socket and a bulging bulb in the shape of a globe has already resulted in a fully-fledged designer lamp – the “E27” by Muuto. The Danish manufacturer puts the beauty of simplicity in the foreground and draws the viewer’s attention to the light bulb. The frame is coated with colored rubber.


A few years ago, Plumen presented a fancy designer energy-saving lamp that can be described as a light sculpture. The elegantly curved fluorescent tubes resemble a flower and come into their own in combination with a colored cable. Suspended individually or bundled in a group – the Plumen 001 is flexible and can be used anywhere.

If you want a highly individual lamp in a minimalist design, try one of these ideas and be surprised!

lamp-light-bulb-shape-pink-cable-corridor-white-wooden floor