Beautiful paper lamps give the room a soft glow


Paper lamps are made from rice or tissue paper, with a candle or lamp inside. They add a soft glow to any room by scattering light through the lampshade, creating colorful decorative effects indoors. They can be made in different sizes and shapes and adorned with different colors or drawings so that they fit a particular decor.

Paper lamps and their history


“Better to light a candle than complain about the darkness.”

This Chinese proverb is used frequently and is especially for the paper lamps. Unlike candles with their hot, swaying flicker, and unlike lightbulbs with their hard white bites of light, the paper lamps permeate the environment with a soft, heavenly glow.

Paper lamp made from muffin cups

Paper lamp cupcake liners.

While paper lamps have become one of the most popular decorative items around the world, their origins and strongest ties are in Asia. And while Japan, Thailand and Korea use them for ceremonial purposes, China is the country with which the paper lights are often identified.

Paper lamps create a happy lamp game

paper lampshade round pendant light

The basic structure of paper lamps is quite simple. For the most part, the lanterns are made from bamboo sticks, rice paper and rice paste.

In today’s market, variations of the traditional paper lamp have been developed to suit every taste – traditional, modern, bohemian or eclectic – there is a paper lamp for every interior style.

Solkullen LED paper lamp from Ikea


Shops specializing in Asian decor offer lanterns painted in a variety of colors, from watermelon to apple green. If you would like to make one yourself, you can also buy a paper lamp from Ikea and decorate or paint it yourself.

For a party in the garden, the stores have paper lamps decorated with cherry blossoms, carp and floral designs.

Other versions of the paper lanterns come in the form of pendant lights, floor lamps with paper lampshades, and table lamps. The choice is limitless.

      karl-zahn paper lamps

chinese paper lamp by Anthony dickens tekio


Kogi pendant lamp made of pink paper





paper lamps-every-taste


paper lamp origami floor lamp


paper lamp ball




rice paper lamp-dining-area-white-modern


paper lamps-modern-stylish