Battery operated LED lights – portable lights

Battery-operated LED -light-table-lamp-modil-outside-tetatet

Appropriate lighting enhances the ambience, supports the architecture and enhances the furnishings. The lights by the Italian design company Davide Groppi allow a creative use of light. When developing its products, the focus is on mobility. Cables and / or power connections have been completely abolished in the designs presented. Get an overview of the last collection battery-operated LED lights from the Italian company with us.

Battery-operated LED lights – light wherever we want it

Battery operated LED lights-table lamp-loudspeaker-integrated-popup

In one’s human nature one feels attracted to the light and at ease when there is harmonious light. However, far away from the power connection, the lighting does not really work or if so, it does not meet the aesthetic requirements. With a very minimalist design, the Groppi shine through a new idea for battery-operated LED lamps. They emit harmonious light where you want it – at the table, aside or on the terrace.

Battery operated LED light ‘Popup’

Battery operated LED -light-table-lamp-design-minimalistic-popup

The battery-operated LED light ‘Popup’ can be integrated into any modern living environment thanks to its simple appearance. It is mobile and ensures a good mood with an integrated loudspeaker. This means that pleasant music can also be listened to when the lighting is right. The extended version ‘Tetatet’ is a few centimeters larger and can therefore illuminate a wider scope.

Battery operated LED light ‘Picnic’

Battery-operated LED-lights-design-cover-harmonica-picnic

The next lamp from the collection is called ‘Picnic’ and it certainly got the name because of its simple, slightly old-fashioned appearance. The table lamp looks like a slightly tilted accordion with a lid. The mobile lamp is lifted by the lid handle in order to set it up somewhere else.

Battery operated LED light ’35 mm ‘

Battery-operated LED-lights-aufha% cc% 88ngen-mobile-35-mm

The smallest and perhaps the most extraordinary lamp from the collection is called ’35 mm and that’s the best way to describe it. It looks like a slide frame and is just as big. Inside there is an illustration that can be changed depending on the situation.

Battery-operated LED lights for harmonious lighting in every area

Battery-operated LED -lights-outside-table-lamp-modern-minimalist

The mobility and the light weight enable the LED technology, which produces a high performance with minimum power consumption. The lamps work similarly to a flashlight and are just as easy to transport, but they look a hundred times better. The glowing objects from Groppi appear more like accessories and remain true to their function.

Battery operated LED lamps for inside and outside


Battery operated LED table lamp ‘Tetated’


Transportable LED lights with a playful design


Small lights that you can take with you


Portable battery-operated LED lights


* you can find more information about the product range of Davide Groppi here