Attractive lighting designer floor lamp Biconica by Martinelli Luce

Biconica Modern floor lamp interior design

We present you an amazing one Designer floor lamp, suitable for indirect indoor and outdoor lighting. Biconica by Martinelli Luce impresses with its simple, slightly curved shapes that resemble an hourglass and represents the connection between two worlds.

Designer floor lamp Biconica by Martinelli Luce

Outdoor lighting Floor lamp Designer floor lamps

Designed by Elio Martinelli in 1987, the elegant floor lamp creates the transition from the old to the new millennium. Their neoclassical shape blends in with any individual furnishing style. the Designer floor lamp Biconica is made of polyethylene and is available in black and white and is equipped with a dimmer control.

Modern designer floor lamp – excellent design from Italy

Extravagant floor lamp design ideas black and white

The Martinelli Luce company was founded by Elio Martinelli in the 1950s and has since developed into a well-known Italian designer company. With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of lights and lamp systems, Martinelli attaches great importance to innovative design. Every Designer floor lamp embodies the corporate philosophy of a diverse production of the highest quality. Elio Martinelli is inspired by nature and geometry and creates functional lighting systems with simple shapes.

Indirect lighting for a feel-good atmosphere

Outdoor floor lamp-made of polyethylene-Martinelli-Luce design

the Designer floor lamp Biconica is a revolutionary lamp, characterized by innovative design. It conveys warmth and comfort in the room and can be set up as a decorative designer object. Over the years, the Martinelli Luce company has worked with a variety of designers and companies from across Europe and has built a name for itself for its high quality designs and lamp creations. Martinelli Luce is a synonym for Italian design.

Elaborate furnishings and interior lighting – designer floor lamp

Biconica designer floor lamp-modern interior Martinelli Luce

Extravagant lamps by Martinelli Luce

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Lamp design that resembles an hourglass

Floor lamp-innovative design Martinelli

Modern outdoor lighting – white floor lamp Biconica

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Chic lamp design – Martinelli Luce

Biconica interior lighting Designer lighting Martinelli

Exclusive interior lighting – Biconica in black

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Indirect lighting – elegant design and timeless beauty

Outside floor lamp-white Martinelli-Luce

Modern floor lamp with an exquisite design

Designer floor lamp-polyethylene outdoor indoor lighting

Designer lamp by Martinelli Luce

Martinelli-Luce Design lamp-Biconica