A balloon lamp for children’s rooms gives off soft light

Balloon lamp for children's room polyethylene ceiling lamp

This adorable Balloon lamp for children’s room was by the design studio Crous Calogero designed for the Spanish brand Estiluz. It looks like a helium balloon that floats on the ceiling or on the wall. In the dark, this lamp gives off a warm glow and creates a magical atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for the children’s room, because the balloon is associated with childhood.

cute balloon lamp for kids room

Balloon lamp for kids room ceiling wall version

the Balloon lamp was made of translucent polyethylene and is the perfect lamp for children’s rooms because it emits a soft light. A red line hangs from the balloon and that is indeed the switch. You can switch between bright light, soft lighting and off mode.

Balloon lamp for children’s room

Balloon lamp children's room design studio Crous Calogero

The project won that Silver Delta Award for Industrial Design at FADfest in Barcelona. The Ballon lamp collection from Estiluz was inspired by the memories of generations – both adults and children. We all remember a lost balloon that we held in our hands, don’t we? In this case, the balloon will not drift into the sky because it finds its home on the ceiling or on the wall and it brightens up your rooms. This design works particularly well as a  Lamp for children’s room.

Switch as a red leash

Balloon lamp children's room Estiluz

the Balloon lamp is available in two versions – ceiling and wall lamp. The desired ethereal appearance is achieved because the lampshade is made of brushed polyethylene. This material is translucent and contains an energy-saving light bulb.

Night light is very important for the little ones, especially if they are afraid of the dark. These Lamp for children’s room Glows gently and comforts the child at night. This mood lamp creates a cozy and warm atmosphere and will chase away the fears of children of ghosts and monsters.