71 ideas for outdoor lights, lanterns and lanterns in the garden

ideas for outdoor lights table decorations candle romance tablecloths tablecloth

If you are looking for inspiration for romantic and atmospheric garden lighting, then you have come to the right place. We offer you 71 Ideas for outdoor lights, lanterns and lanterns, that you can use in the garden, on the terrace or veranda. Their soft glow will create a special atmosphere. You can sit outside for a long time and enjoy the pleasant summer evening. You can choose between outdoor lights permanently installed on the house wall, beautifully decorated lanterns or shabby chic candle holders made of wood. Browse through our small collection and find the most beautiful ideas for atmospheric lighting outside.

Ideas for outdoor lights and atmospheric candle lanterns

ideas for outdoor lighting lantern black candle romantic glass brick

Garden lanterns with candles create an atmospheric ambience and can be decorated in a variety of ways. For the summer, of course, a marine theme is in vogue. Decorate with sand, seashells, pebbles and sunflowers. The classic lantern is no longer equipped with an ordinary large candle, but with solar and LED candles. Powered lanterns are also a great option for the patio. The wooden lanterns, which fit seamlessly into the garden, are particularly beautiful. Combine large and small lanterns and play with their heights. Check out the ideas below and get some inspiration.

Ideas for outdoor lighting and a romantic light on the terrace

ideas for outdoor lights pot vase lantern large format candle lamp mediterranean

Wooden lantern as an outdoor lamp

ideas for outdoor lights lantern design wooden frame handle side table deco

Modern lantern idea 

ideas for outdoor lights modern wind light wood frame colorful pink turquoise yellow

Fill the lantern with sand

Ideas for outdoor lighting lanterns sand led candles

Tighten the fairy lights

ideas outdoor lights garlands fairy lights led

Create islands of light

garden lighting ideas candle lanterns shine pebbles stones deco

Metal lanterns

decoration outside shine candle lanterns lanterns metal

romantic light for the seat on the terrace

terrace lanterns candle lanterns seating decoration ideas pillows

Stainless steel candle lanterns

patio pool seating area white black candle lanterns decorate

decorated with seashells

terrace light garden wood white candles wind lights lanterns

garden pergola climbing roses wood lanterns decorative pillows

patio dining area white wood dining table hanging parasol lanterns

patio dining area metal furniture hanging candle lanterns

terrace dining area decoration lighting candles lanterns hang up

terrace buffet drinks candle lantern soft light

terrace buffet cocktails metal vintage candles lanterns

summer terrace ideas for outdoor lights decoration candles lanterns leaves decoration

summer decoration lanterns lanterns candles shells

patio garden lighting ideas metal lanterns candles

summer decoration candles lanterns shells starfish

summer decoration candles lanterns shells summer decoration garden lanterns candles sand filled

summer decoration outside patio candle lanterns lichen leaves

shabby chic candles lanterns metal shells decoration

Lanterns metal walkway illuminate soft light

metal candles lanterns summer ideas for outdoor lights blue candles

Wind lights garden shells starfish decoration idea

stairs ideas for outdoor lighting candles lanterns shells

Ideas for outdoor lighting garden wood white vintage candles lanterns grass

candles lanterns wood metal decoration gravel stones

candle lanterns wood metal decoration inside outside

candles lanterns decorate metal stars

candle lanterns hanging parasol terrace white wood

deco table summer ornaments metal sand filled

deco summer dining area terrace candle lanterns table ideas for outdoor lighting

Ideas for outdoor lighting porch candles hanging lamp wall lamp

Ideas for outdoor lighting patio rattan furniture dining area metal candles lanterns

Ideas for outdoor lighting patio porch metal led candles

ideas outside shine terrace candles lanterns

Ideas for outdoor lighting patio beach candles blurred color

Ideas for outdoor lighting metal candle lanterns patio hung


Ideas for outdoor lighting patio garden candles lanterns wood white

ideas outdoor lighting candles lanterns hanging ivy decoration

sidewalk garden illuminate ideas wood candles lanterns

sidewalk stairs illuminate terrace porch beach candles lanterns

garden ideas outdoor lights pool candles lanterns sand

garden lighting metal candles lanterns

garden lighting ideas metal candle lanterns decoration sunflowers

garden lighting gazebo fireplace candle lanterns  deco autumn candles lanterns lantern skull

decoration garden metal lanterns candles big small

ceiling lamp terrace metal frame lightbulb

ceiling lamp round metal terrace light

ceiling lamp led lightbulbs vintage metal frame

lanterns candles veranda terrace rattan furniture seat

wall lamp ideas for outdoor lighting metal vintage ball shape

wall lamp outside metal vintage shape

wall lamp ideas for outdoor lighting metal trapezoidal shape light bulb

vintage wall lamp metal two lightbulbs

vintage ball lamp hanging on terrace

vintage hanging lamp metal led candles

vintage outdoor wall lamp copper

vintage outdoor lights led garden terrace

porch lighting metal candle lanterns creeper tubs

hanging lights mesh metal terrace

metal wall lamp ideas for outdoor lighting vintage look

ideas outdoor lighting wall metal soft light

ideas for outdoor porch lights hanging led candle