50 garden lighting ideas with party fairy lights outside

Garden lighting ideas -floor-sunken-seating-wooden-pergola-fairy lights

In summer, fairy lights can add a touch of glamor and romance to the outside space. Whether you are hosting a garden party, lighting your garden nicely or simply want to eat outdoors with the family, party fairy lights can create a special atmosphere. Today we’re going to give you a few effective ones Garden lighting ideas with fairy lights that are easy to implement, but look very imaginative. let yourself be inspired!

Garden lighting ideas – conjure up a starry sky with fairy lights

Garden lighting ideas summer party fairy lights atmosphere

If your outdoor space has a limited view of the sky, you can make a canopy out of fairy lights and create the impression of twinkling stars. Hang the fairy lights at a height of 3.5 meters above the ground and leave a space of about 30 to 40 centimeters between them. The chains can be hung parallel, diagonally, crossed or in any other interesting pattern. If there is no power outlet nearby, you can opt for battery or solar powered fairy lights.

Garden lighting ideas – Emphasize an object with chains of light

garden party-fairy lights-decoration-objects-emphasize garden lighting ideas

Use fairy lights to accentuate individual objects in the garden – an old wagon wheel for a rustic wedding, a vintage metal chandelier above the dining table, hula hoops in the lawn or blank picture frames attached to the garden fence. In this way, these objects will bathe in soft light.

Wrap fairy lights around trees in the garden

garden party-fairy lights-trees-wrap garden lighting ideas

Fairy lights belong on the Christmas tree at Christmas. But you can also create breathtaking effects in the garden in summer. Work from the bottom up and wrap the tree trunk in a ring with fairy lights, then individual branches and let a couple of fairy lights hang down. The number of fairy lights depends on the size and number of the garden trees.

A light chain curtain for a nice atmosphere

patio lighting-ideas-pool-house-dining-area-led-fairy lights

If you want to create more light in a dark corner in the garden, a room divider on the terrace or a beautiful backdrop for the seat, make a curtain out of fairy lights. You will need a horizontal structure such as a branch, roof edge, clothesline, garden fence or other structure and secure the fairy lights with a stapler. Leave about 2 inches of space between each chain.

in combination with awning

Garden lighting ideas party-fairy lights-awnings-seating-gravel-concrete slabs

attached to the trellises of the climbing plants

Garden lighting ideas terrace-decoration-climbing plants-trellises

soft light on the terrace

Garden lighting ideas summer-pergola-seat-table-fireplace

Starry sky for small urban terraces


create different patterns

Garden lighting ideas -summer-fairy lights-trees-crossed

romantic white lacquered wrought iron furniture

Garden lighting ideas party-fairy lights-shrubs-wrought-iron-furniture

hanging from individual poles

garden lighting-ideas-party-fairy lights-lightbulbs-rods-walkway

a curtain of fairy lights

garden lighting-ideas-fairy lights-curtain-wooden fence

modern house with a small garden

Garden lighting-ideas-fairy lights-roof-lawn

different light sources in the garden

garden lighting-ideas-fairy lights-lightbulbs-wood-bench

garden lighting-ideas-fairy lights-wooden-bench-climbing plants-wooden fence

garden lighting-ideas-led-fairy lights-concrete-wall

garden-lighting-ideas-wood-terrace-seating-fairy lights-summer

garden-lighting-ideas-roof-terrace-curtain-fairy lights

veranda-lighting-wood-roofing-fairy lights-lightbulbs

covered-terrace-country-style-dining-area-candle lantern-fairy lights

covered-terrace-outdoor-fireplace-dining area-chandelier-fairy lights

terrace-lighting-party-fairy lights-outside-summer-white-candles-paper-lanterns

patio lighting-ideas-canopy-party-fairy lights

patio lighting-ideas-seating-outdoor fireplace-fairy lights-roof

patio lighting-ideas-outdoor-kitchen-fairy lights-fireplace

terrace lighting-ideas-mediterranean-party-fairy lights-outside

patio lighting-ideas-metal-roofing-climbing plants-fairy lights

terrace lighting-ideas-mediterranean-fairy lights-tree-house

terrace lighting-ideas-fairy lights-outdoor-kitchen-wood-garden furniture

patio lighting-ideas-fairy lights-lightbulbs-rattan-sofas

patio lighting-ideas-fairy lights-led-lights-flowerbed

terrace lighting-ideas-fairy lights-roof-small-pool

terrace lighting-ideas-fairy lights-outdoor fireplace-stair lights

patio lighting-ideas-led-fairy lights-curtain-backdrop

Terrace lighting-ideas-wood-fence-tree-fairy lights-rattan-seating

patio lighting-ideas-wood-pergola-fairy lights-light bulbs

terrace-lighting-decoration-party-fairy lights-outside

terrace-garden-pergola-seating-rattan-roofing-fairy lights

terrace-decoration-summer-party-fairy lights-sky

fairy lights-decoration-idea-glass-vases-glasses