5 designer lights with unusual shapes and concepts

terra floor lamp pentalight transparent glass Gaia Bellavia

We present you 5 designer lights that are very original and extravaggant. If you like expressive shapes and unconventional colors, then take a look at this extraordinary collection.

 Designer lights made of glass by Penthalight

designer lights hand-blown glass lamp base terra pentalight

We love these oversized glass floor lamps from the Italian company PENTALIGHT. The Terra lamps are a great addition to your library or home office, in an elegant living room or a refined bedroom. These modern floor lamps were designed by Gaia Bellavia. The lamp bases are made of hand-blown glass. They are transparent, some colorless and others with light smoky gray or brown tones.

 Designer lights like mushrooms made of chrome methacrylate

Martinelliluce lamps mushrooms mico collection methacrylate

martinelliluce mico table lamp mushroom shade chrome lamp base

martinelliluce mico table lamp mushroom shape chrome lamp base

This cute and funky table lamp is the Mico from Martinelliluce. It looks like a mushroom with a white mushroom umbrella made of methacrylate, but underneath it hides a colored secret in red or blue. This unexpected feature adds a touch of color which is reflected by the super shiny chrome lamp base.

Circle lamp by designer Monica Forster

circle lamp pa padova floor lamp yellow monica forster designer

circle de padova led floor lamp modern white modern floor lamps steel circle de padova designer floor lamps steel lamp base circle de padova

This elegant floor lamp was created by the designer Monica Forster for the Italian furniture company De Padova designed. These modern designer lights have an unusual lampshade and a strongly curved steel lamp base. Available in fresh white and bright yellow.

Lady Smoon lamp by Beau et Bien

lady smoon designer lamp beaubien imitation leather

beaubien lamp lady smoon tailor made leatherette

The Lady lamp, part of the Smoon collection by Beau et Bien, is not only for fashion and couture enthusiasts, but also for everyone who wants to have a unique floor lamp at home. This lamp is elegant and extravagant and combines an industrial aesthetic with modern lighting technology. The lamp exudes a certain luxury or wealth through the combination of synthetic leather and lacquered paper and inox.

Human-like lamps from Bizzotto

designer floor lamps life-size human-like bizzotto

These surprising, human-like, life-size lamps from Bizzotto can be described as artistic elements with a light function that have been inspired by the surrealist art movement. These designer lights are unusually decorative and would have a dramatic presence in a minimalist modern interior design. One lamp shows a life-size man sitting casually on two stacked suitcases. The other is in the form of a woman who exudes a certain confidence. Instead of heads, they are equipped with oversized lampshades.

bizzotto human-like lamps oversized lampshades