33 stylish design lights impress with their creativity

Lasso lamp by Dookke: design


One trend is becoming more and more recognizable in terms of living space lighting – the trend towards individualization. Creative Design lights with high technological demands offer a wide range of options for individualized lighting concepts. On the other hand, these can be used as exquisite home accessories that give your home the finishing touch. Anyone who is interested in new and smart design products or wants to express their personality through special details can take a look at our exclusive selection of unusual design lights in a modern trend design – these make you want to redesign your living space!

Design lights provide an atmospheric light

Crystal Rock pendant lights by Arik Levy for Lasvit


the Design lights combine functionality with elegant design and offer new application possibilities for untraditional materials. Even the latest technological production methods such as 3D printing are used in the manufacture of modern lights. Specially designed lamps have the advantage over conventional models that they fill every room with a unique charm and delight the beholder’s eyes. Design lamps can be ideally combined with modern designer furniture. With the help of the right lighting, unusual decorations can also be shown to their best advantage.

Design lights – a real feast for the eyes

Wall lamp-table lamp-collection-handkerchief-look-dew-drops-Ingo-MaurerDew drops from Ingo Maurer

The creativity of the designer knows no bounds. You always look forward to every new challenge that lighting design brings. In their collections there is the right lighting for every room. To round off the perfect living ambience, we always recommend a well thought-out lighting design. You can achieve this through the use of individual lighting solutions that you can work out together with an experienced lighting designer.

3d printed pendant lamps from Wertel Oberfell-Strand + Hvass



Concrete lighting experiment by Elim Cheng


Pendant lights Black Metal Collection by Castor


Led lamp and bookend 2 in 1: Ludovica by Zanocchi & Strength

Bookend-Led-Lamp-Design-Ludovica-USB-Connection-Zanocchi- & amp; -Starke

Designer lamps for every taste – Skylight from Denise Hachinger


Design pendant lamp Zatellite by Anon Pairot

Lighting-Ideas-Design-Pendant Lamp-Zatellite-Anon-Pairot

LED chandelier by Studio Bertjan Pot


Design lamp from the IKEA-PS collection


minimalist floor lamp Compendium by Daniel Rybakken


Floor lamps interlaced screen & Lamp by ViiCHENDESIGN

Floor lamps modern-Interlaced Screen & amp; Lamp-ViiCHENDESIGN

Persiana lamp by 4P1B Design Studio


Unusual chandelier Gridlock by Philippe Malouin for roll&Hill

Design-lighting-unusual-chandelier-Gridlock-Philippe-Malouin-Roll- & amp; -Hill

Asymptote Light Object from Han Koning


Chandelier Ice by Daniel Libeskind for Lasvit

Hanging lamp-exclusive-ice-ice-chandelier-Daniel-Libeskind-Lasvit

Luminous cube Unplugged OLED from Schemes Architects


Take Off Light from Fifti-Fifti


MCE from Note design for PER USE


ZooM of Michiel Cornelissen


Edison’s Nightmare –Harry Thaler for Davide Groppi


Aluminum table lamp Zeta by ZPSTUDIO

Reading light-table lamp-futuristic-white-zeta-aluminum-ZPSTUDIO

Potpurri lamps collection by 3 Dots Collective

lamp-collection-hanging-lamp-floor lamp-Potpurri-Modular-3-Dots-Collective

Spigolo from Studio Charlie for Nemo 


Lampyridae Collection of Monica Correia


Acapulco by Joséphine Choquet and Virgile Thévoz


Chandelier Grappa by Claesson Koivisto rune


Palindromes of Rich Brilliant Willing

Pendant lamp-metal-thin-playful-design-palindrome-rich-brilliant-willing

Table lamps with a retro look Eclipse by Alessio Bassan & Silvano Pierdonà for Capo d’Opera

retro-table-lamps-indirect-light-Eclipse-Alessio-Bassan- & amp; -Silvano-Pierdonà-Capo-d-Opera

Wooden table lamps by The Siblings Lighting by Frederik Delbart

Floor lamp-table lamp-wooden base-plastic-The-Siblings-Lighting-Frederik-Delbart

Kolo Sand and Kolo Magnet from Pani Jurek Design