22 luminaires and lamps design ideas for every interior

modern floor lamp-chic design white

We offer you 22 ideas for lights and Lamp design, that will freshen up your interior. Not only practical, but also innovative – this lighting is the perfect decoration for any modern interior!

Chic lamp design for the living room

modern roof lamp living room lighting idea

Aqua design recently presented a new ceiling light that can become a real highlight in your living room. That send Lamp design will attract everyone’s attention.

Lamp design – Ubundus

modern lamp living room cool design

Scott Jarvie has come up with a new lamp design – the model is called Ubundus and fascinates with its innovative shape. Perfect for all fans of the minimalist style.

Modern wooden chandelier

rustic chandelier-wood living ideas design

Remedios Simon designed a wooden chandelier. That Lamp design creates an exciting play of light and shadow.

Modern table lamp

Table lamp office design decoration

This modern LED table lamp by Shane Holland can be the perfect addition to your office interior – its sinuous shape is practical and innovative.

Futuristic floor lamp – lamp design by Matt Downer

modern floor lamp living room

This futuristic floor lamp is the work of the designer Matt Downer and can set beautiful accents in a spacious living area. The design is called crane lamp – the floor lamp has the shape of a crane.

Lamp design – the perfect decoration

modern hanging lamp bamboo lid

This Lamp design was decorated with bamboo. The lamp cover moves easily with every breeze and is perfect for your porch or patio area.

Floor lamp in red color

modern floor lamp-chic red

This spiral floor lamp from Aquilalberg in red color can match both classic and modern furnishings.

Table lamp made of wood

rustic wood lamp-Ardea table lamp

Ardea is a beautiful compilation of tradition and modernity – it casts soft light and is made of the finest wood. The design has a rustic look. The lamp was from Armitrani designed.

Modern lantern from Holo

trendy innovative lamp bag Molo

These modern lanterns from  Molo design will surely fascinate all women. Chic, elegant, and with a lid in the shape of a bag – the lamp design really impressed us!

Interesting pendant lights

modern pendant lamp-Scandinavian furniture

For everyone who likes Scandinavian style – here comes the right lighting. The hood lamp by Form us with love is a modular lighting system for large living rooms.

Flower pot with integrated lighting

Flower pot lighting room plants

The gardeners will love these flower pots with built-in lighting Oniprojects certainly look forward. The design was thematically called Babilon.

Lamp design – ceiling lights

Ceiling lighting lamps geometric shape

The Spanish architect Ramon Esteve has designed a ceiling light system that is perfect for kitchens. The system consists of four modules in different heights and sizes. In this way, various geometric shapes and figures can be created.

Lamp made from lightbulbs

Light bulb lamp-modern design

The English designer Scott, Ritch and Victoria have a Lamp design from lightbulbs, reminiscent of the lamps from the mid-19th century.

Handmade lamps with plywood lids

modern lamp lid wood bar interior

These handmade lamps with a plywood lid by Erwin Zwiers  have a rustic look. Each lamp design is carefully crafted and is unique. The innovative lighting can be used in a bar as well as in a conference room.

Red pendant lamp from LZF

modern red pendant light-paper lamp idea

This red pendant lamp was recently presented at a trade fair by LZF presents. The talented designers have shown what a beautiful model can be created with a little imagination and fresh color.

Futuristic lamp design

Iris pendant light-cool model

Iris is the name of these cute designs from Alex MacMaster. They are offered in different colors – from red to natural warm wood color and diffuse soft light in the room.

Sculptural lamp design

trendy pendant light designer lamp ideas

It is hard to believe that this sculptural pendant light is indeed provided with a wooden cover. Perhaps that is why the lamp is so impressive Elisa Strozyk even more.

Colored lighting sets accents

modern lighting system-futuristic

The Israeli company Aqua Creations recently opened a new store where chic colored lighting from the latest collection was presented.

Chic floor lighting as a decoration

decorative floor lighting - stylish furnishings

Lighting can set accents, but also serve as decoration – the floor lighting comes from as an example Grimanesa Amoros.

LED lighting

LED lighting ropes lamp

The designer Christian Haas has illuminated a rope with LED – the result – innovative and interesting lighting.

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