2 design chandeliers made of hand-blown glass by Lasvit

Design chandelier hand-blown-glass-ball-multicolored

Lasvit’s designer lamps and light installations have fascinated us since 2001, when the company was founded in the Czech Republic by Leon Jakimic. The range is characterized by the clever combination of craftsmanship and new technologies. The brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana from Sao Paolo have 2 special ones Design chandelier designed for Lasvit, which do not deviate from this characteristic.

Design chandelier “Candy”

Design chandelier hand-blown glass ball shape

As you might guess, the designers found inspiration for the Candy series in markets in Brazil, where vendors were selling brightly colored candies. It was presented for the first time at Euroluce 2015, in April.


The Candy lights are made of hand-blown glass and polished brass and are illuminated with G4 LED modules. The special thing about these lights is not only their colorful exterior, but their weight! The spherical chandelier weighs 200 kilograms! The ring-shaped chandelier – 80 kilograms. Even the 41 centimeter high table lamp weighs 5 kilograms.

ring-shaped chandelier Candy



Table lamp Candy


Design chandelier “Fungus”


The design chandelier “Fungo” also has an interesting history. The duo found inspiration in the mushrooms that had developed due to the moisture in the basement of the Lasvit glass factory. An old mold for blowing glass was attacked by these fungi. The transparent, hand-blown elements were attached to a wooden structure as if they were protruding from the wooden surface. The glass elements represent the fungus that grows from wood through moisture. The aim of the designers was still to create a contrast between the rigid wooden construction of the chandelier and the asymmetrical glass bubbles.


Design chandelier hand-blown-glass-wood-frame-transparent-glass-balls

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