19 ideas for atmospheric garden lighting with lanterns

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On the hot summer days, the conversations on the terrace get longer and you want to sit outside for a long time. Do you also dream of this relaxing garden idyll? This can best be enjoyed with the right lighting. But it can also be an attractive highlight. There are many different options for garden lighting. The classic one contributes to the relaxed atmosphere Garden lighting with lanterns. Let your own surroundings shine lovingly with our 19 ideas.

Ideas for garden lighting without power supply – atmospheric lanterns

lanterns warm light garden lighting

Garden lanterns are clever ideas for garden lighting – they combine the element of fire with classic aesthetics, flickering light with modern design. And are also energy-saving! With lanterns you bathe your garden in warm light. While the classic models made of metal with handles and glass windows used to be found in the gardens, today there are of course lanterns in a wide variety of designs and designs.

Atmospheric and romantic garden lighting with lanterns

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It is important that there is light in a garden. On the one hand for the safety of the residents, because dangerous areas, stairs, paths and dark corners are illuminated with light, on the other hand you can make your garden really beautiful with the lighting, even in the dark.

Floating lanterns

garden atmospheric lighting make paper lanterns yourself

With closer to the ground Garden lighting with lanterns the ambience can be individually designed with a lot of love. The dark garden corners can also be stylishly lit with lanterns floating through the garden. Alternatively, there are kerosene lamps, lanterns with candles, lanterns, torches that you can set up in the garden.

A fiery, opulent highlight outdoors

energy-efficient garden lighting ideas-pillar candles handle

With the candle lanterns you have the choice between real or battery-operated candles. They have one big advantage – they are easy to move. It is important to place them on a firm and safe surface so that the candles do not tip over. Torches, on the other hand, are stable in the wind and can be conveniently placed in the garden corner. It looks really nice too. You can slowly end the summer evening.

Garden ideas for lighting

stylish light - ideas floating lanterns in the garden

Unusual plays of light

stairs illumination lanterns morocan style ideas

Floor lighting with lanterns

lantern garden lighting romantic atmospheric ideas

Candle lantern

Traditional garden lighting - with lantern design, classic metal candles

Garden lighting with lanterns in an unusual design

candles lantern-pineapple shape-modern-metal wind-stable

Homemade lanterns

Lanterns make ideas yourself materials-glasses pillar candles

Brass lantern

brass-glass lantern garden lighting-cheap

Festive decoration and lighting

garden party table decorations spring summer illumination-floating lanterns

Soft warm light

paper lanterns illuminate design ideas garden paths

lanterns garden flower beds illuminate garden paths

wall-mounted candle holder lantern metal decorative wall decoration outdoor

white candles pillar candles garden lighting with lanterns

DIY lanterns hanging-in the garden design

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