10 ideas for indoor stair lighting

Ideas-stair lighting-inside

The interior staircase lighting has both a practical function and a decorative purpose. Everyone is afraid of going down the stairs in the dark, so we have put together a few ideas.

Stair lighting installed inside on the wall


The first option would be to install stair lighting on the wall next to the stairs. Depending on the size of the stairs, 3 or 4 lights should be enough. In this case, the rectangular shape of the lights matches the design of the stairs and integrates seamlessly into the overall interior.

Indoor staircase lighting also with a decorative purpose

Ideas-stair lighting-indoor-decorative

The second photo presents a similar example, but in this case the lights are bigger. But of course the design of the stairs is not the same. This is made of wood and has a more robust look, which is why the staircase lighting inside is also chosen to match the details.

decorative lights


This is another type of indoor stair lighting. These here can be wall mounted, and they have a design that emits light in different directions and adds to the overall interior design. They look like little stars. They are subtle and chic and match the whole design of the stairs. They can also be placed closer together. It is small, but it offers enough light at night.

Floor lights


In another case, stair lighting is installed in the stairs themselves. Each step has a small floor lamp on the edge that illuminates the way.

LED stair lighting

Idea LED stair lighting

Another option for stair lighting is to incorporate the lights in the stairs in front. It’s an option that not only saves some space but also protects the lights. You could accidentally step on it. It’s impossible here; what’s important, they look practical and stylish. Most contemporary homes opt for this type of stair lighting indoors. It goes well with a minimalist interior.

LED lighting

Ideas-LED-stair lighting-inside

And there is a fourth type of stair lighting that we would like to show you. These stairs are illuminated from below. The light is fuzzy and subtle and visible only in the small part that separates the stairs from the adjacent wall. This creates a mysterious atmosphere throughout the house.

     indirect lighting

Ideas-stair lighting-back

Lighting from below