Futuristic oak pendant lamp by Naos


Modern lighting comes in irregular and fascinating shapes that we cannot resist, and we buy them to make our lives easier and more beautiful. What is certain is that you cannot resist the temptation to do this futuristic oak pendant lamp to own. the futuristic oak pendant lamp is made by the French company Naos. Although the company specializes in lights and lamps, this futuristic oak design does not belong to one of the designers on this team.

Futuristic oak pendant lamp

Suspension lamp-oak wood panels

Yes, this amazingly original design comes with an interesting backstory. The idea behind the futuristic oak pendant lamp was initially realized in a paper version. The designer of the paper pendant lamp is called Paper Donut and he designed it for a music festival in France. After this masterpiece became really popular as an artistic symbol, the French designer decided to create a lighting system.

Futuristic oak pendant lamp with a French design


Naos do not offer the pendant lamp made of paper, but made of oak. The company chooses this noble and authentic raw material to influence the idea of ​​a nice and warm family reunion in front of the old wooden dining table in grandma’s house. But you are not required to hang this masterpiece in your dining room or kitchen. This beautiful futuristic oak pendant lamp can even find its place in a luxurious minimalist living room.

Pendant lamp made from wooden panels

Pendant lamp-wood panels

the futuristic oak pendant lamp actually has a very interesting and fascinating construction. This French pendant lamp consists of 30 wooden panels. The most interesting thing about these 30 panels is that they can be put together easily without professional help or any special glue.


modern pendant lamp made of oak wood panels


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Pendant lamp made of wood imitates the shape of a bird house

Lamp bird's nest shape white wood

Innovations come in different forms. Creative designers have already presented numerous projects and lighting concepts. We have already introduced you to minimalist, classic and industrial lights for every part of the house. It seldom happens these days that a new lamp looks really original. This design for Pendant lamp made of wood but even made a very positive impression on us.

Pendant lamp made of wood or bird house?

Lamp lighting deco living room

The design is called Luminaire Oiseau and is an excellent example of successful collaboration. The company Compagnie, founded by the architect Olivier Chabaud, recently launched its latest design. The wooden pendant lamp bears the poetic name Vogel and is an unconventional mixture that decorates the interior. The lamp is a mixture of a bird’s nest and Scandinavian lighting. On the one hand, the construction is characterized by clear shapes and lines, on the other hand it looks super interesting and attracts attention. At first glance, the lamp looks simple and inconspicuous – traditional shape and white color characterize the design. But on closer inspection, it turns out to be a quiet beauty. The lamp mimics the construction of a bird’s nest. The inner side of the lamp is made of unprocessed wood.

Pendant lamp made of wood with an original design

Living room design bird figure original

the Pendant lamp made of wood is partially cut out. A small bird figure gives the design an authentic look. So one might wonder if this is a bird’s nest or a lamp. The subtle light accentuates the bird figure. It is a charming pendant lamp that gives personality to the room and is well suited for the living room or dining room. Designed with a great sense of style and elegance, the lamp is sure to beautify the interior and can be used as a decoration without any problems.

Original lighting design from France

white scandinavian style bird

White pendant lamp with a small bird figure

House design figure wood machined

Detailed sketch of the lamp

Sketch design idea plan

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Modern lights made of stainless steel – the “Carmen” lamp by FontanaArte

modern lighting floor lamp carmen fontanaarte

Modern lights like this one would completely transform your home. The perfect lighting is functional and becomes an eye-catcher in the living area. The “Carmen” collection by FontanaArte could help you in this task. The design was created by Hector Serrano and includes two floor lamps, a table lamp and a ceiling lamp – all complement each other in shape and style. The lampshades are made of polished lacquered stainless steel and with their overlapping patterns resemble fish scales.

Modern lights inspired by medieval armor

modern lamoen fontanaarte fish scales

FontanaArte says the design was inspired by medieval armor, which seemingly contradicts the modern look of the collection. A simple white finish reflects light to emphasize the overall brightness of the lighting. The white color dominates in all versions. The curved floor lamp “Carmen”, which extends far, sets the modern accent.

Modern lights from FontanaArte

modern metal lamps table lamp carmen white

“Carmen” collection by FontataArte – ceiling lamp

modern lamps fontataarte ceiling lamp fish scales

 Floor lamp with a curved shape

modern floor lamp fontanaarte white lampshade

“Carmen” floor lamp

modern floor lamp fontanaarte

“Carmen” floor lamp made of white lacquered stainless steel

modern lighting floor lamp fontanaarte carmen

other version of the “Carmen” floor lamp    modern lights stainless steel white carmen fontanaarte

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Cardboard house serves as a showroom for new lamp designs

Lamps design cardboard stairs

A cardboard house as an exhibition space? An Italian manufacturer presented its new one Lamp designs in a very creative way.

Lamp designs from Italy – stylish and elegant

Armchair side table floor lamp design

The Italian brand Slamp has built a cardboard house in cooperation with the designer Nigel Coates, where the new collection of Lamp designs was presented. During a workshop, a team of 10 designers designed the project for creative background. Not only were the walls clad in cardboard – all of the furnishings in the cardboard house were made from … yes, you guessed it right – cardboard. Kitchen utensils, dining tables, shelves, chests of drawers and many other pieces of furniture were cut out of cards and glued together. The goal – to express the energy of the brand accordingly and to set up an original showroom for the lamps and luminaires from Slamp. The end result is impressive – the cardboard furniture looks stylish and elegant, in line with the lighting concept.

Italian lamp designs for every room

Collection Slamp Italian manufacturers

The lamps from the collection are characterized by their modern look. They are made of high-gloss materials and fill the room with a soft glow. They inspire with an architectural construction – the individual elements are combined with great skill. The collection is characterized by black and white. The creative forms set accents. The great scope of Lamp designs offers the right thing for every taste and every room – floor lamps, pendant lamps or decorative lighting. Thanks to the interesting designs, every house and apartment looks modern, but at the same time homely and cozy. With the project, the designers wanted to show exactly the versatility of the lamps and luminaires from Slamp – and they mastered the task with great skill!

The living room – completely furnished with cardboard furniture

Lamp pendant light showroom

Pendant lamp above the dining table

Dining room pendant light dining table dresser mirror

Metal lamp with an original design

Metal lamp mirror cardboard furniture

Accent lighting for the children’s room

Living room lamps designs colors blue

Reading corner with floor lamp and table lamp

Italian design cardboard furniture

Lighting set for the bedroom

Lamp bedroom interior design

The modern lighting serves as decoration

Corner living room decor cardboard furniture

Pendant lamp in the kitchen

Kitchen island exposure idea

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Soft Light lamp emits indirect light for specific purposes

Flexible light-warm light-flood soft light-Simon Frambach Design products

Designer lamp “Soft Light” by the young German designer Simon Frambach offers extreme versatility and adaptability in use and handling. She shines softly indirect light and creates an intimate atmosphere. Take a look at the pictures and let yourself be inspired by the creative idea!

Indirect light for a feel-good atmosphere

Modern light flexible-soft polyurethane foam-innovative design-soft light

“Soft Light” is formed from polyurethane foam using modern milling technology. The soft and flexible foam allows a particularly comfortable and adaptable handling, which is also really fun. The bottle gourd shape is characteristic of the design. The flexible and soft lamp can be installed in unusual places. Due to its soft structure and flowing shape, the lamp can be pushed into tight spaces – between niches, in the wardrobe, on the wall, between chair legs, even in bed.

Simon Frambach’s lamp floods indirect light into the room

Indirect light ideas soft light lamp Simon Frambach collection

Suitable for respective purposes indirect light especially good because it shines diffusely and does not dazzle. Mounted on the floor, the luminaire provides sufficient light at night that hardly casts any shadows and is optimally distributed in the room. “Soft Light” can be attached to walls and attached in gaps. The light one is characterized by its low energy requirement and creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

The lamp can be installed anywhere in the house as desired

Soft-light lamp-pushing into space creative handling

The flexible lamp looks elegant like a sculpture. The lamp can be converted into a bedside lamp with little effort. It is just as suitable as a pendant light, work light, as well as mood light.

Manufacturing process from polyurethane foam

Manufacture of polyurethane show Pumpkin-shaped light-flexible soft

The light body of the energy-saving lamp is extremely flexible

Bottle gourd-shaped lamp-Simon Frambach Design

The “Soft Light” lamp spreads cozy light in the living room

Soft Light-Simon Frambach-Design-Lamps polyurethane foam adaptable

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Luxurious lamp collection – champagne and diamonds

romantic floor lamps pendant lamps

We present you a luxurious one Lamp collection, that exude French chic and elegance. The noble company Moise developed these designs for all fans of classic elegance. They are offered in different versions – sometimes as floor lamps, sometimes as hanging lamps – in different colors and color combinations.

New chic lamp collection from Moise

modern lighting restaurant bar

The exclusive designs are made according to customer dimensions and are a nice addition to any interior. They will decorate your own living room, the hotel lobby or the luxurious ambience of restaurants and bars. Chic, compact and elegant – this is how the beautiful designs that imitate Champagne glasses look like. This high quality Lamp collection was made of crystal. Thousands of small diamonds fill the Champagne “glasses”, creating different color schemes. You can choose one design or combine several. The Champagne lamps go perfectly with living rooms in a modern style – white leather sofa lets them come in the foreground.

The champagne lamp collection

luxurious colored champagne glass

Moise was founded in 2006 as a result of the efforts of an advertising agency to present their own designs in the field of interiors. Moise is actually an abbreviation and comes from – making ordinary things beautiful. A real proof of the innovative design ideas are the champagne lighting, which best present the company motto.

Silver color – glittering lamps

Table lamp modern design

Colorful floor lamps and paints

modern floor lamps colors

Luxurious floor lamps

Luxury class lamps floor lamps Champagne

Golden accent pendant lights

golden silver accent lamps

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Kitchen lighting ideas – inspiration for your kitchen


Do you need inspiration for your kitchen? Here are some nice ones Kitchen lighting ideas. When it comes to kitchen furnishings, perhaps the most common phrase is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the most trivial phrase I’ve ever heard, but it’s an undeniable fact. Don’t you think so? So, we care about the heart of the house, and most importantly, one of its most important arteries – the lighting. the Kitchen lighting plays an important role when it comes to design and decor. Why? Because with the right lighting, every room can look better.

Kitchen lighting over the worktop

Led kitchen lighting countertop

In addition to this cosmetic effect, there are two other fundamental effects. A right Kitchen lighting can create the perfect mood. That doesn’t sound trivial considering the fact that the kitchen is usually one of the most visited places in the house. And last but not least, the Kitchen lighting has a direct effect on your health. The insufficient light can lead to health problems. The excessive lighting can also be bad for your health. The bottom line is that lighting should be well balanced. This applies to every room in the house, but it is a must for the kitchen. Think of this room as a workplace and you will see how much truth there is in these words. Here are some tips that can be very helpful to you:

Kitchen lighting under the kitchen cabinets

undercounter lighting-kitchen-cupboards-black-kitchen

• The under-cabinet lighting for the kitchen cabinets is a great solution. It not only creates a great atmosphere in the kitchen, but also illuminates the worktop.

Fluorescent lights under kitchen cabinets

Fluorescent lamps under kitchen cabinets

• Pendant lights are ideal, especially when it comes to main lighting. Your designs are so diverse and fascinating that the choices are a breeze.

large pendant lamp


• Fluorescent lights can work well, especially if you’re a fan of strong light. Be careful, these lights shouldn’t be too powerful.

luminous kitchen shelves – kitchen lighting ideas


• Don’t forget the rustic chandeliers. In fact, they can be perfect in just about any modern kitchen.

Vintage chandelier – traditional style kitchen


under the kitchen cabinets


large floor lamp


embedded lamps

embedded fluorescent kitchen cabinets

red tile mirror

Led kitchen lighting idea countertop

behind the shelves  beautiful-kitchen-lighting-idea-kitchen shelves

Wall lights

accent lighting kitchen

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Designer pendant luminaire from Mineheart – chandelier in the light bulb

designer pendant lamp mineheart combine furnishing styles

Lighting designers can be very inventive when it comes to styles and concepts. Typically, some move into the traditional or modern category relatively quickly, while others create timeless works of art that can look gorgeous in any room. If you like the interesting fusions or the eclectic look, this is it Designer pendant lamp “King Edison” the perfect choice for you.

Designer pendant lamp – mix of baroque and modern

design pendant lamp mineheart baroque modern mix

A small baroque chandelier placed inside a huge glass lightbulb and hung on a braided silk cord. The King Edison pendant lamp by Young & Battaglia combines the simplicity of the light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison, with the baroque luster of a royal chandelier. The miniature chandelier is made of brass, the light bulb – made of hand-blown clear glass light bulb and the fittings are matt chrome-plated. The King Edison pendant lamp has a size of 15 cm in diameter and 21 cm in height.

Designer pendant light “King Edison”

designer pendant lamp mineheart king edison brass chandelier

The British designer Brendan Young and the Italian designer Vanessa Battaglia first appeared on the international design scene with their furniture collection at the Salone Satellite in Milan in 2003. They first appeared under the name Studiomold. Her early designer pieces included the “Love 36” chair made from tennis balls, and the award-winning “Recycled Sound” speakers made from old vinyl records.

Mini brass chandelier inside

pendant lamp mineheart Young Battaglia designer duo

In 2011 they founded their own design brand Mineheart, which produces a range of articles for the interior. Wallpaper, carpets, technology, lighting and furniture – everything is made in England. The designer duo Young & Battaglia has this Designer pendant lamp presented at ICCF 2013 in New York last month.

Clear glass lightbulb and brass chandelier

    pendant light mineheart clear glass bulb brass chandelier designer pendant lamp mineheart king edison eclectic

designer pendant light king edison brass mini chandelier

The designer duo

vanessa battaglia brandon young designer duo england

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