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Suspended ceiling with indirect lighting as decoration

Suspended ceiling -decoration-indirect-lighting-living room-beige-brown-modern-asian

the suspended ceiling is widespread nowadays – whether in the office, home, shop, café or restaurant – the false ceiling has become an inseparable part of the interior. Usually this ceiling consists of many panels that are connected in an intricate way.

Nice suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling -decoration-indirect-lighting-living room-white-bright-modern

the suspended ceiling can have several practical functions – it reduces the height of the room and makes the room look cozier, it conceals installations or cables and if the false ceiling is well insulated, the insulation of the entire room is improved. The installation of the false ceiling begins with the production of the substructure, usually made of metal. The mineral wool insulation mats serve as insulation and are attached to the substructure.

The suspended ceiling – easy installation

Suspended ceiling -decoration-indirect-lighting-bedroom-light-white-wood

It should be noted that the suspended ceiling is balanced. Plasterboard is preferred as the main material for the ceiling. It is advisable to plan the location of the halogen spots or built-in lights in advance so that assembly is easier later. At the end, the plasterboard can be sanded or painted. Wallpaper is also an exciting option.

Stretch ceiling with original lighting

Suspended ceiling -decoration-indirect-lighting-bathroom-wellness-white-minimalist

One suspended ceiling also usually has high water resistance and is therefore well suited for an apartment where you have neighbors – you always have safe protection from flooding. The modern materials are easy to clean and are offered in different versions.

Suspended ceiling with original shape


the suspended ceiling can hide the ventilation in the house, indirect lighting creates a romantic atmosphere and gives the room a modern look. So that the end result not only convinces with functionality, but also looks good, the shape of the false ceiling should be in harmony with the interior of the room.

Modern and practical – false ceiling

False ceiling-wooden beams-lighting-bedroom

Suspended ceiling installation

The oval shape of the furniture can correspond with the oval accents on the ceiling. Square furniture matches a square ceiling. Plain wall paint and furniture allow creative suspended ceiling designs. Wooden beams, wallpaper, exciting shapes transform them suspended ceiling in part of the decoration. The polished stretch ceiling with decorative lighting is very suitable for modern furnishings. Metal elements reflect the furniture and create a luxurious ambience in the house. white suspended ceilings are preferred for purist interior design.

Regardless of the furnishing style, the diversity of the modern false ceiling makes it an indispensable part of every apartment or house.

elegant-classic-suspended-ceiling living room

Luxurious stretch ceiling with original lighting

luxury suspended ceiling design

Luxury bamboo false ceiling

Luxury bamboo suspended ceiling living room

white round suspended ceiling

white-round-suspended-ceiling kitchen



Luxury wooden suspended ceiling

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