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Kitchen island lighting – 5 ideas for a perfect ambience

Kitchen island lighting modern-white-glass-pendant lamp-stool

We have 5 practical ideas for you Kitchen island lighting that will ensure that this important piece of equipment can be used without any problems. Every idea has pros and cons, depending on the facility.

Kitchen island lighting – indirect lighting

kitchen island lighting gray-minimalist-indirect-natural stone-dining table

The indirect one Kitchen island lighting is mounted directly on the ceiling. The lighting fixtures are usually large and can even be used as decoration. They are an inexpensive option with easy assembly and offer enough light for the kitchen. In any case, you have to illuminate the cooking area with a pendant light.

 Kitchen island lighting – kitchen lighting with LED

kitchen island lighting led-indirect-modern-kitchen-dining area

They are practical, small and offer many flexible options depending on the kitchen. You can illuminate certain area better and replace the LED lights at any time. Anyway, it’s harder to get to – you’ll need stairs. This kind of  Kitchen island lighting almost always goes hand in hand with a suspended ceiling and is suitable for modern facilities. Classic or French kitchens should be designed with chandeliers or pendant lights.

Kitchen island lighting – direct light as kitchen lighting


Another variant for Kitchen island lighting is the fluorescent light that successfully stimulates the sun, is effective and saves energy. The main disadvantage of this type of lighting is that it doesn’t go well with the interior and looks a bit stiff. Some designers have come up with interesting ideas to make this lighting look better.

Kitchen island lighting – pendant lights for the kitchen

kitchen island lighting black-white-furniture-steel-accents

The pendant lights are a special category of Kitchen island lighting, because they offer mediocre lighting, but are very popular as decoration. Whether retro, minimalist or modern – you can find the right model for every kitchen. The main downside to the pendant lights is the fact that they require a higher ceiling so you can’t light the kitchen island well enough.

If you decide on a variant for kitchen lighting, you have to think in advance how much light is actually needed in the room. Large, open kitchens in a well-lit living area need significantly fewer lights and indirect lighting is sufficient in this case. In contrast, smaller kitchens need more lighting – you can even consider a combination of several variants.

White kitchen island and crystal pendant lights

white kitchen island pendant light

Pink pendant lights

Kitchen island pendant light pink

Combination of LED lights and pendant lights

Suspended-ceiling-LED lights-kitchen

Suspended ceiling with lights

Fluorescent lighting-suspended-ceiling-kitchen

Elegant kitchen island with large pendant lights

Kitchen island modern pendant lamp

Classic kitchen with LED lighting system

Kitchen under-cabinet light idea

beautiful kitchen island lighting idea

quadrate kitchen island ceiling lights

LED built-in lights-kitchen island lighting idea

Kitchen LED lighting countertop

modern pendant light kitchen