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Trendy decoration ideas – paper lamp creates a romantic atmosphere


We present you the Paper lamp – a trendy decorative lighting that creates a romantic, festive and unique atmosphere. Whether modern and colorful, or with a house from the past, this elegant addition to your interior is always a nice refreshment. We have put together some elegant and stylish designs for you.

Colored paper lamp as decoration

colored-paper-lamp-pendant-lamp-dining room

If your interior is too monochrome or needs a nice refreshment like in the Scandinavian style, hang up several paper lamps in the same design but in different colors. The best thing about the Paper lamp is namely the diversity of the design. It is well suited for dining rooms as well as living rooms, even for bedrooms and the terrace. It is important to choose the right design for your own interior.

Paper lamp instead of the traditional floor lamp

round-paper-lamps-black-and-white-living room

the Paper lamp Not only can it be used successfully as a decoration, it can even completely replace the traditional floor lamp. You can opt for a variant in combination with metal, or a combination with wood, depending on the style of your interior.

Paper lamp with a futuristic shape

white-yellow-paper-lamp-wall-decal-living room

For all fans of extravagant but elegant designs, we have a few Paper lamps found that not only look super beautiful, but also have a very elegant shape – these lamps simply belong in the spotlight and need a lot of free space around them so that they can better come into their own. They carry the atmosphere of Asia, where they originally come from, and look exotic – interesting leaves, trees from distant countries and even a lamp with the beautiful name – the dragon made of fire.

Paper lamp for the patio or garden


Especially now, when Christmas is just around the corner, you want to create a festive atmosphere not only in the house, but also outside. the Paper lamp is better suited than candles for bad weather and can add beautiful accents to the window, veranda or patio. In any case, find out in advance where and how the paper lamp may be located so that you can avoid a possible fire hazard. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and create an unforgettable atmosphere at home!

Elegant floor lamp in the living room

elegant-floor-lamp-paper-living room

Stylish floor lamp for a cozy sitting area

Floor lamp-sitting area-reading area-living room

Asian style paper floor lamp

Floor lamp made of paper, Asian style

Romantic lamp made of paper


Table lamp made of paper

Table lamp made of paper flower pattern

Paper lamp-trendy decoration ideas

Paper lamp patio area