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Innovative lamp design

Designed by Tom Dixon

modern innovative lighting

British designer Tom Dixon has this innovative Lamp design designed. The collection is called Etch and comprises three models, two of which are ceiling lights and one is designed in the form of a chandelier. The lamps were created with a lot of creativity and convince with their stylish concept.

Modern and elegant lamp design

fascinating lamp

 The first lamp is called Etch Web and has a 65cm wide shade. Its structure is made of copper fiber and resembles a spider web. The exciting thing about this design are the shadows that the lamp casts. The spherical construction consists of several patterns in the shape of a pentagon, which cast incredible shadows on the walls and floor. The lamp weighs very little – only 980g and looks very light. The oversized light bulb is in the center of the sphere and that’s innovative Lamp design Completely.

Exciting lamp design

modern innovative lamp design

The second model from the Etch collection also has an umbrella and is called Etch Light Brass. Its structure was made of brass. It casts less shadows and creates a mysterious and cozy atmosphere. That Lamp design was designed very precisely so that each lamp fits a certain ambience.

The third model of Tom Dixon is called Etch Candle Holder and was made of metal. It casts incredibly beautiful shadows and sparkles like fire. The effect is unique and makes the innovative lamp design look intimate.

By K.H. Christova

modern lamp with an innovative design

modern lamp with an exciting design